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Happy Endings The finale to the second series of the Mind Palace! 8/19/18 9:09 PM
Shinjo Sho Seiha on the new job. One mistake is he must learn about his work more before break some protocal. 8/12/18 9:33 PM
Happy Endings Brent has made his decision, and restarts his session 8/5/18 8:06 PM
Anonymous The vengeful Ed is back to further humiliate and degrade when his old bully-turned-servant calls the police for help. 7/31/18 7:15 AM
Happy Endings Things come to a head as Patrick uses a last resort to sway Brent 7/29/18 8:36 PM
Happy Endings First day of class, and Brent is already causing trouble 7/15/18 8:29 PM
Happy Endings A young man enters a store to escape a storm and gets sorted out 7/7/18 5:12 PM
Happy Endings Brent, Chris, and Joseph begin their stay at the School for Good Boys... 7/1/18 9:22 PM
Swizzington The finale. 6/21/18 12:16 AM
Anonymous The City is the technologically advanced capital of the future. It is here that a man in need of cash begins work as a maintenence worker. In The City, all blue collar employees are mind controlled for both the residents safety and pleasure. 5/5/18 6:20 AM
Anonymous Dick's story reaches a final conclusion as all the pieces of the puzzle fall into their rightful places. 4/30/18 4:49 AM
Anonymous Sequel to The Window Washer, where Dick is further humiliated and degraded by his new boss. 4/28/18 5:52 AM
A group of men signed up for a mysterious new life.
4/18/18 3:02 AM
Swizzington Peach begins his reorientation. Willis tracks down the warehouse. 4/14/18 11:58 PM
Swizzington Willis has been ambushed by Shitforbrains. Meanwhile, Peach's ride back to the station with Higgins takes an eventful turn... 4/8/18 11:57 PM
Suited Ben has his first day of classes at a prestigious university 4/1/18 1:24 PM
TickledPink A supernatural copy-editor finds all sorts of errors in the literature two Mormon missionaries give him. Luckily for them he's willing to correct it. 3/17/18 5:48 AM
Happy Endings Kevin realizes what's happening and tries his best to avoid making another mistake. 12/20/17 7:51 PM Jockboy is given his first commands 11/26/17 11:04 PM On the trail of mysterious happenings, our hero encounters a mind-controlling villain! 11/24/17 7:36 PM
Suited Ben begins his first year at a prestigious academy 10/27/17 2:49 PM
EdIam Alex continues his reign, Professor Simons grows his numbers, and a new man enters the scene. 4/24/17 2:34 AM
Hypnothrill Chris is a hippie protesting the Vietnam War. But Sgt. Cobb has something that just might change his mind... 3/11/17 4:32 AM
Swizzington The happenings of Mr. Zeiss, a successful and attractive thirty-something guy with the rather useful ability of completely controlling the minds of others. 1/18/17 12:18 AM
the guardsman Eugene starts his inspection. 11/16/16 2:41 PM
EdIam Alex arrives at the police station as the families affected continue to spiral out of control. 10/14/16 3:02 AM
the guardsman Sam signs up for training to become a Guardsman. 8/5/16 9:25 AM Dr Simmons harvests cum from the officer he exposed to his serum... 7/19/16 11:26 PM A scientist working on a chemical to make criminals talk to the cops makes a terrible mistake... 7/17/16 8:38 PM
Enchanted squaddie Things worse after my failed attempt to escape 7/9/16 12:04 PM