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Author Name Published
BlueMoonRose As the game finally comes to an end what will each boy choose? Stay in Heaven? Or go back to Earth? 8/13/18 1:01 PM
BlueMoonRose Round brings about small changes for three of the boys, Ash begins to loose himself to the game. 7/22/18 11:05 PM
Yourmind123 Todd stays with Scott over summer break and becomes very close with Scott's whole family 6/15/18 6:51 AM
Robert M Part 4 of my College Fantasy. 4/27/17 4:43 AM
Jubell Mr. Herst next culinary ambition emerges and he enlists the help of his family to ensure he's on the right path. 1/1/17 4:27 PM
TrevorTist Matt discovers a new mode. 11/3/16 3:32 AM
wishbone blue More fall to Ari'Seth by way of Jason - while the stage is being set for the final battle. 3/7/15 7:21 AM
Whitechap e1 Private eye continues to research the bizarre letter 10/28/14 2:13 PM
Derek Williams Dan tries to track down Travis and ends up being caught himself. 7/7/14 8:54 PM
Inaniamte Transformer Zach gets to flake off, while Matt gets his wish... 1/2/14 7:00 PM
Hypnobedient Charlie's origin story: A straight guy finds he has the power to make gay dudes into his slaves. 12/9/08 7:00 PM
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