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Author Name Published
TickledPink The man struck out in his search for a speedo, but if at first you don't succeed... 9/10/18 12:49 PM
Cris Kane Scott deals with the aftermath of his breakup and eviction as his long weekend comes to a close. 2/24/17 9:07 AM
Cris Kane The hits just keep on coming in the wake of Scott's breakup with Amanda. 2/19/17 1:22 AM
Cris Kane Scott wakes up after his wild night as a twenty-one-year-old. 2/11/17 7:07 PM
Cris Kane After attempting to apologize to his girlfriend, Scott is shanghaied to a drama department party, where he doesn't recognize anyone but starts to make friends. 1/27/17 4:29 AM
Cris Kane On his way back from the gay bar, Scott takes a nostalgic trip down memory lane, and is surprised when he returns to his old apartment. 1/23/17 7:55 PM
Cris Kane Scott tries to take advantage of being 21 again with a hot young body, and steps out on the dance floor with a sexy gymnast. 1/20/17 2:38 AM
Cris Kane On his 50th birthday, a closeted man enters a gay bar and is given a drink with an unexpected side effect. 1/17/17 2:25 AM
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