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xesulliv Matthew's Finale with Brian. Brian proposes and Matthew accepts... but why are they attending a strange party with a mix of older gentlemen and young, hot hunks? 3/8/18 12:34 AM
xesulliv Philip is such a handsome young man, he makes for a beautiful secretary. Long dark lashes, black hair, green eyes. More beautiful than a woman. It's perfectly natural for Matthew to act on his attraction to the raven-haired boi. 2/20/18 9:03 PM
xesulliv Matthew has anger problems stemming from a multitude of issues. Faith in his therapist is one way for him to BREAKTHROUGH the pain... and Brian is the perfect man to make it all feel better. 2/14/18 10:17 PM
hypnojockpup1234 Changes continue in our protagonist 9/6/16 1:23 AM
hypnojockpup1234 A guy goes through a breakup with the help of a few health care professionals 7/18/16 1:47 AM
Kota Young man Alex winds up in prison for a crime he didn't commit, he soon discovers it isn't by coincidence 5/23/16 7:15 PM
Baralai Dale wants couples counseling to confront his out of control boyfriend 7/9/15 4:42 PM
Gocarty A doctor has some fun while helping a man stop smoking 6/20/06 8:00 PM
Wrestlr man doesn't know why he's horny in front of his therapist 5/27/06 8:00 PM
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