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Rurik A new suit made of nanobots gets tested. 8/12/18 6:51 PM
Swizzington Willis has been ambushed by Shitforbrains. Meanwhile, Peach's ride back to the station with Higgins takes an eventful turn... 4/8/18 11:57 PM
Suited Ben has his first day of classes at a prestigious university 4/1/18 1:24 PM
Suited Ben begins his first year at a prestigious academy 10/27/17 2:49 PM
Potentialsinner A Jehovah's witness is having a mid-life crisis and decides to start therapy 9/9/17 10:34 AM
the guardsman E4QRS4G is a space marine, he is tasked with keeping space clean. 8/30/17 10:35 AM
Tkhon A couple moves into a new neighbourhood and find out the way things ought to be 6/18/17 6:43 AM
EdyRobles Un ejecutivo necio en creer en la hipnosis, aprende que es verdaderamente sugestiva. 5/7/17 3:18 AM
Potentialsinner The architect started a new job and got an haircut on his journey to become a real man. 4/17/17 6:05 AM
Tkhon A man tries out some VR experiences and discovers what he really likes 3/19/17 7:59 AM
Potentialsinner The metrosexual architect continues his training 3/13/17 10:32 PM
Suited Andrew gets a new co-worker 3/3/17 12:08 AM
tomozco The Institute has finally caught up to Derek. He manages to escape, but not so lucky for his coworkers...Derek is left to face the Institute on his own... 11/25/16 12:42 AM
tomozco Neil continues with his conquest of new slaves by taking over the staff of Omar Hadid's business: Hadid Imports Co. Ltd. 5/19/16 10:38 PM
Todd Ryker Steven orders a sex doll but gets something more 4/28/16 4:52 PM
rubbrsome A man is kidnapped, and forced into a terrifying mental and physical transformation. 3/30/16 2:44 AM
Willie Cici A boyfriend wants to please his girl. What a mistake . . . 3/24/16 3:20 PM
Bratboy A tribute to Blufman and Mal`s Solicitor and the Skinhead story.. 7/31/15 4:11 PM
lthrjock A police sergeant is turned into a fetishist 4/17/15 11:31 AM
Willie Cici An investment broker receives a special gift - - - 4/15/15 11:35 PM
boyz4sale Sean and his friends find they're constantly checking their COC stats 1/27/15 2:25 AM
Vakster Andreas accepts a plea bargain with strict and inviolable terms. 1/26/15 11:50 PM
the guardsman Just a normal morning in a normal town sometime in the not to distant future 12/3/14 2:05 PM
maxhockeyjock roommates discover a new paradigm. 11/13/14 9:56 AM
maxhockeyjock roommates discover a new paradigm. 11/12/14 9:49 AM
maxhockeyjock a young man on vacation discovers some truths to be self-evident. 11/7/14 11:40 AM
suitorpreppysex a young offender enters a store that just opened its doors to escape the police, the seller did not expect that his first customer of the suburb to show him how to be a man 11/1/14 4:49 PM
maxhockeyjock A new kind of private detective. 10/29/14 10:50 AM
maxhockeyjock working retail doesn't entitle you to be rude. 10/28/14 7:20 AM
maxhockeyjock crime & punishment. 10/27/14 8:15 AM