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Willie Cici With both his parents dead, Jason had so many questions. Who is the man in the torn-in-two photographs? 7/12/18 5:39 PM
Stroppy Author small meteors fall to earth bringing something with them 7/5/18 2:05 AM
Stroppy Author A rubber lover meets his match at a tyre store 6/10/18 10:38 PM
Piso Mojado 4 short stories 3/6/18 12:36 PM
Malskin Officer Watson investgates a gang of skinheads which he dislkes,but has a change of mind 12/21/17 1:43 PM
rubbrsome Now that Deck's orientation is completed, several mysteries emerge. 1/4/17 12:43 PM
JakePro Being picked up by police or kidnapped drunk at a bar. Two lives... Two men... One story. 5/8/16 2:26 PM
jawhite_miller The conclusion of Greg and John's tale, as Kevin tries to pull them apart forever. Will love or lust win? Or maybe both? 4/15/16 5:30 AM
Jimsskin Chapters 3 and 4 together. 3/16/16 10:12 PM
Jimsskin Ryan chickens out of the meeting but things soon turn for the worst or is it for the better? 3/15/16 8:20 AM
Jimsskin Ryan finds out what really happens when you are hypnotised. 3/13/16 10:21 PM
Malskin Andrew applys for a new Job which changes him 11/7/15 2:05 PM
Bratboy A tribute to Blufman and Mal`s Solicitor and the Skinhead story.. 7/31/15 4:11 PM
jawhite_miller The state has mandated that all men undergo a re-orientation. Our protagonist recounts his experience. 6/25/15 7:26 PM
lthrjock A sergeant is turned into a fetishist 4/12/15 8:14 AM
Malskin In this part of the story Glen gets transformed into a Gay Rubber Nazi Skinhead. 3/31/15 3:11 PM
Malskin Glen had somehow got lost. He was out having his stag do, and somehow he found himself alone and wandering around he never sees them again and is never the same 3/26/15 8:54 AM
Dirtykunt Kevin's decent to being a skinhead pig continues 3/3/15 4:08 PM
Dirtykunt Stinky's journey continues 2/17/15 2:56 PM
Dirtykunt A rich lawyer becomes a filthy workie 1/25/15 3:48 PM
Hypnothrill 5 more Flash Stories on a favorite theme... 1/6/15 5:33 PM
Hypnothrill A quartet of flash stories on a common theme... 1/1/15 8:52 PM
Peircedskin Malcolm turns the tables on three nasty jocks. 3/31/14 8:57 PM
blufman and Mal A depraved skin takes a solitictors life away from him 1/5/14 7:00 PM
Peircedskin disgraced yuppie gets a new job and a new outlook 12/23/13 7:00 PM
Malskin Andrew starts to understand his new life 12/5/13 7:00 PM
Malskin Andrew needs to fine a new job after moving to a new town 12/3/13 7:00 PM
Dirtykunt William becomes Billy in six days 2/23/13 7:00 PM
Wesley Bracken A roadhouse off the beaten path picks up a new whore for its members. 8/9/12 8:00 PM
Andy Spen Arnie's transformation is complete 7/27/12 8:00 PM