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MCBrain Intermission - Two boys find themselves entranced by an up-and-cuming porn star 9/20/18 2:25 PM
MCBrain Carlos is a good Christian boy who wants nothing more than to lead a good, fulfilling life. He hopes that the Church at his new college will help him find his place... 9/15/18 11:53 AM
BlueMoonRose The game finally pushes Ash to his breaking lint and beyond. 7/26/18 5:24 PM
AgainstMyWill James is the powerful CFO of a Fortune 100 company, and Steve just works in IT, but Steve knows one tiny little tweak he can make to James's brain to turn the tables. 7/11/18 7:11 PM
Throne It's bad enough when my wife invites the guy who bullied me in school to come and visit us. But then it turns out that he has a unique way of making me do what he wants. 5/20/18 11:29 PM
M. Greene Axel gets close to Neville 2/16/18 9:14 AM
M. Greene Sven's story 2/15/18 9:39 PM
M. Greene Sven and Axel 2/15/18 11:08 AM
Norwegian Curse A songwriter has too much influence on his protégé. 1/27/18 6:05 PM
Curiosity Santa's elves receive a mysterious gift that changes them 12/23/17 2:05 AM
JoSmith I needed money but I guess I'll worry about that later. 12/14/17 2:00 PM
screamingmoist Four young men on their way back to college get lost and stop at the wrong roadside attraction. 10/31/17 8:46 PM
Touchstone A straight man wakes up in bed with an older man, unable to recount how he got there... 10/19/17 8:34 PM
Kane Swift Two bro’s make a bet with the aid of mysterious device. The consequences of which become more real that they could imagine 10/7/17 3:51 PM
Andyrew36  When a mysterious man comes across a failing car wash and makes one boys wish come true 8/19/17 5:40 PM
Cris Kane The tale of the Malltarts continues as they get ready to go clubbing. 8/12/17 3:27 AM
screamingmoist What's behind door number 2? 6/26/17 9:09 PM
Kieran D. Dad of 3 shaved his hair, pierced his nipple, changed his wardrobe and moved in with a man 6/14/17 11:32 PM
ChaoticDjinn Homophobes really should be careful with the words they choose to speak. 6/9/17 8:57 PM
Sieg A college kid seems to be constantly losing girls who only date "latino studs" tries to improve his chances of getting laid. 6/5/17 2:47 AM A young man returns to his apartment, unaware that what happened to his roommate is about to happen to him... 5/15/17 1:15 AM There's a special promotion at the mall today! Tobias decides to try it out! 5/15/17 1:05 AM A rock climber is hired by UFO hunters to find Aliens on the Area 51 firing range. But why is the Army not bothering to stop them? An d why are there goat droppings half way up an un-climbable cliff 5/1/17 8:23 PM
avivi3 another regular day of Boy-Sloan in his routine life. oh, is it? DEDICATED TO MASTER MARC 4/9/17 9:47 PM Daniel explores the first floor, but isn't prepared for what he finds. Finale of the series. 3/18/17 4:14 PM A man kidnapped off the street and subjected to bizarre scientific experiments... just another day in the paranormally kinky College Town of Vixen's Run 2/27/17 5:22 AM
xORRiNx Taylor didn't believe all the political hype out there about LGBT rights being taken away. For Taylor, he was just fine living the simple jock life with his accepting roommate Zack. 2/3/17 12:10 AM
The Vault Keeper A young British tourist finds his inner slut while hitchhiking through redneck country. 12/28/16 2:20 AM
Cris Kane One dark and stormy night, a desperate man pays a visit to a shop which he heard can do amazing things. 10/24/16 5:28 AM
screamingmoist Jason's visit to his friend's cabin in the woods results in a new outlook and a new body. 9/20/16 1:23 AM