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Derek Williams
Social media giant Bumblr revised its community guidelines. Vince and I had our lives corrected to conform.
12/7/18 1:35 AM
Willie Cici
Andrew's employer offers him an opportunity . . . unexplained
12/4/18 7:38 PM
boring dude gets life turned upside down and turns into tattood, pierced, and muscled up stud while being slave to his transformer
7/16/18 9:03 PM
David is visiting 'the men's room' hoping to get a massage with a happy ending.
3/2/17 7:08 PM
Tank has to hire some new employees, and finds potential in two of them
2/7/17 2:45 PM
More changes go on in the trailer, and nobody is complaining
2/4/17 10:40 AM
Tanker11 1/29/17 9:45 AM
Things start to change with the dudes, but they aren't complaining.
1/26/17 12:29 PM
Jamie finds his purpose in life
12/12/16 5:45 PM
Sean continues following in Jared's footsteps, surprising even himself.
8/18/16 7:24 AM
Sean starts emulating his son in order to better understand him, and comes to realize how important Cedric and Jared's relationship is to him.
8/17/16 6:03 AM
A police sergeant is turned into a fetishist
4/21/16 10:49 AM
A police sergeant is turned into a fetishist
3/24/16 6:53 PM
the guardsman
A-8007-399-006 visits his family and then travels to the prison where he will serve the Union.
Category missing
10/31/15 9:07 AM
A tribute to Blufman and Mal`s Solicitor and the Skinhead story..
7/31/15 4:11 PM
A police sergeant is turned into a fetishist
5/17/15 3:24 AM
Bryan wakes in a strange place to find that his life as he knew it is over.
5/10/15 3:29 AM
In this part of the story Glen gets transformed into a Proud Gay Rubber Nazi Skinhead.
4/2/15 4:04 AM
In this part of the story Glen gets transformed into a Gay Rubber Nazi Skinhead.
Category missing
3/31/15 3:11 PM
Glen had somehow got lost. He was out having his stag do, and somehow he found himself alone and wandering around he never sees them again and is never the same
3/26/15 8:54 AM
033 is released from training and goes home to met with his family
3/22/15 5:37 AM
More fun with Stewart, the former nerd now muscleman, his star wrestler, and their two muscle idols
2/15/15 9:42 PM
CaspersDad 1/10/15 1:12 PM
Jason and Greg homophobic behavior comes back to bite them
11/23/14 12:51 PM
the guardsman 8/21/14 1:20 PM
Cris Kane
A straight actor preparing to audition for a gay role receives help getting into character from his gay friend and a couple of magic rings.
7/14/14 1:35 AM
the guardsman 4/22/14 1:54 PM
Paul Plesko
From scintillation to subjugation
Category missing
4/12/14 8:02 AM
blufman and Mal
A depraved skin takes a solitictors life away from him
1/5/14 7:00 PM
disgraced yuppie gets a new job and a new outlook
12/23/13 7:00 PM