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zerumolecolarum A dangerous creature is accidentaly set free, and an unaware boy finds out that hitchhikers can be wonderful yet dangerous men 9/4/18 10:55 AM
ChaoticDjinn The best beer is the kind that never runs out 7/31/18 3:08 AM
IvorySilk Zafir drags a heartbroken friend along on a weekend getaway, the Manor decides to be helpful. 7/1/18 11:06 PM
GlamGod A small intro to a couple I'm bringing to the site; Lucio and Andres. 6/30/18 8:36 PM
Stroppy Author A seedy bookstore sells a shy man something he didnt expect 6/20/18 1:53 PM
Wesley Bracken The only thing certain in the city is Change. That, and that everyone in the city has a story. 2/7/18 1:08 AM
FiddlerBear Phil receives a text from someone he never expected to hear from again, and starts a journey that would change his life. 11/30/17 10:02 AM
Gladeaderxxx Here I was standing alone in the men's locker room on campus, looking at myself in the mirror, naked. Well, I guess I won't ever be "naked" again for a while. See I am naked, except for the new Holy Trainer that is locked on my cock. And I had no way of getting out. 10/27/17 6:04 AM
xesulliv The inevitable conclusion. 10/14/17 8:26 PM
xesulliv This is the story of how I bought my best friend and made him into the perfect boyfriend. In Part Three, Mitchell is still resisting The Offer, so the Voice sweetens the deal. 10/12/17 11:20 PM
xesulliv Long time lurker, first time poster. This is the story of how I bought my best friend and made him into the perfect boyfriend. The hypnosis and voyeurism starts in this chapter. 10/11/17 3:42 PM
xesulliv Long time lurker, first time poster. This is the story of how I bought my best friend and made him into the perfect boyfriend. 10/10/17 2:56 PM
screamingmoist A man makes his ideal husband dreams come true. 10/3/17 10:51 PM
screamingmoist Two friends find a deeper connection than they anticipated. 9/25/17 10:50 PM
JakePro "I can't help by love you, even though I try not to. I can't help but want you, I know that I'd die without you." - Ruelle 9/18/17 5:07 AM
Andyrew36  When two lovers travel deeper into the wood 9/9/17 12:16 AM
Two friends discover that you never know what waits on the other side of the threshold.
6/25/17 8:49 PM
M. Greene Finale 5/18/17 6:58 PM
M. Greene Love is in the air... 5/17/17 5:36 PM
topaz172 High Elf biology explored, they're not just pointy ears! When an enchanted cock-ring is lost, ElfLord Treddian goes to Earth to retrieve it. Meanwhile Marco goes to Ohio State U. on a scholarship, oblivious to the gold ring on his toe. 5/2/17 8:38 PM
AnotherMeekOne Is it the end, or a new beginning? 3/4/17 6:03 AM
AnotherMeekOne Oda and Officer Sean are both offered a deal they can't refuse, with extremely different results by extremely different hypnotists. 3/4/17 5:45 AM
AnotherMeekOne Oda's paranoia costs him dearly after one slave is reminded of his place, and the second trap is sprung--bringing everyone back to the source of their problems. But what stinks? 3/4/17 5:27 AM
Dat Spicy Ramen A college kid decides to do something about his bully. 1/7/17 12:31 AM
screamingmoist The trap closes. 11/17/16 2:58 AM
Cris Kane Six weeks later, most of the gang reconvenes for another poker game. 9/6/16 3:46 AM
Cris Kane As the night winds down, three of the guys recuperate from their fight, while things become romantic for the other three. 9/1/16 5:01 AM
Max Ryon Two agents are held captive by a mad scientist and his muscular henchmen. What's up the mad doctor's sleeve? And why do all of the guards seem to be gay? 5/10/16 6:08 AM
J. Santalo New to LA, Casey embarks on a journey of self-improvement that changes him in ways he never imagined. 4/12/15 7:16 PM
Homoerotic-Hypno Keven's fomer Master returns, and he wants what he once had. 7/2/14 6:24 PM