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cubwriter28 Finn and Nix come up with their own plan to mold the newest Guardian. 9/20/18 2:27 PM
Hypnocigarboy Peter Quill investigates a distress signal from space, facing off against a slimy alien species. 9/14/18 4:52 AM
zerumolecolarum A dangerous creature is accidentaly set free, and an unaware boy finds out that hitchhikers can be wonderful yet dangerous men 9/4/18 10:55 AM
cubwriter28 Colin worries about the fate of his friend Scott, who begins to cement his bond with the bear. 8/25/18 7:36 AM
Voodoo Dreams It started with the little things, what I’d steal: first his clothes, then his toothbrush, then his will - but before all that, just glances. The way his leather biker chaps creak over his cheeks as he bends into the fridge is still my favorite. 8/22/18 8:00 PM
cubwriter28 Scott gets lost in the woods and stumbles into a bear’s cave. 8/15/18 10:16 PM
G.B. Ultimate power awaits those who seek it. 8/14/18 2:39 PM
Polite Pig
A college student needs a new roommate and ends up with a new life.
8/12/18 6:43 PM
Potentialsinner A young catholic man strays from the right path and wants absolution through confession and penance 8/8/18 1:41 PM
Mutabear A random roommate turns out to be more than a lazy shut-in, and soon Brett finds himself swept up with his slobbish ways. 8/7/18 2:29 AM
Mutabear When hoping to date a hot bartender at a local kink bar, a young man ends up becoming a member of the bearish staff. 8/7/18 2:24 AM
Mutabear A pizza delivery man gets more than he bargains for when he finds a sexy frat boy is hungry for more than pizza. 8/7/18 2:20 AM
Anonymous Phallos, lord of cosmic sexual debauchery, launches an invasion against Earth 8/6/18 11:29 AM
Anonymous The vengeful Ed is back to further humiliate and degrade when his old bully-turned-servant calls the police for help. 7/31/18 7:15 AM
G.B. Night of the Moon Festival 7/31/18 5:47 AM
G.B. A New Story Unfolds! 7/31/18 5:37 AM
rubbrsome The deleted scenes from a previous story, giving you the greater perspective a what happened behind the curtain. 7/29/18 6:11 AM
Anonymous The Leakers virus spreads to city hall, and the city feels the effects. 7/29/18 4:44 AM
G.B. A Drone Submits. (And the truth of Gale's origin is revealed.) 7/27/18 10:48 PM
mcbaer One evening a pair of flamboyant young men dare each other to visit a shady looking tattoo and piercing studio, not knowing that this night will change their lives forever. 7/24/18 8:33 PM
Wesley Bracken The detective agrees to meet with a stranger who has an intimate history with the rapist. 7/14/18 1:16 AM
G.B. A Cold Truth is Revealed. A Knight's Descent into the Shadow Realms. 7/13/18 10:16 PM
PupScout The first shift of fire pups get used to their new lives while preparing for the second shift's arrival. 7/12/18 5:31 PM
Heru Kane There is but one thing to do when a business man sees two sweet innocent missionaries walking Folsom Street Fair, to make them his! 7/11/18 8:34 PM
Stroppy Author A beer delivery man makes some changes 7/9/18 10:29 PM
Marc of a Man A chance encounter at a supplement store helps Chris go from wimp to Greek God. But at what price? 7/7/18 10:01 PM
PupScout The firemen at the station are a close group of guys. They're about to become even closer as a primal, bestial, horned up pack for their Masters. 7/3/18 7:26 PM
Part 2
Our hero takes the boys home.
7/3/18 5:44 PM
G.B. Ezra and Gale are adventurers on a mission to find and eradicate the SkinRiders. They exploit weaknesses, vulnerabilities, and desires in order to gain control of their body and thoughts, and engage in degenerate activities in their host bodies. One day, Ezra has mysteriously disappeared, but returned with a shocking truth. How can someone as strong as Ezra give in to the temptation. 7/3/18 5:19 PM
Marc of a Man When a fleeing alien crash lands on earth, he shows the male earthlings his powers of persuasion 7/1/18 10:53 PM