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Author Name Published
Cris Kane Newlyweds Derek and Charles adjust to their modified bodies. 9/18/18 10:54 AM
Cris Kane Their flamboyant best-man Pierce gives strait-laced newlyweds Derek and Charles a mysterious six-pack to liven up their Cancun honeymoon. 9/16/18 7:20 AM
mcbaer One evening a pair of flamboyant young men dare each other to visit a shady looking tattoo and piercing studio, not knowing that this night will change their lives forever. 7/24/18 8:33 PM
jockedguy It's easy to disappear. To lose yourself. 5/6/18 3:43 AM
xesulliv It's time for Matthew to heal so he can finally open up to male friendships, which he has been avoiding for years. Good thing his therapist is there to guide him every step of the way. 2/19/18 3:59 PM
Cris Kane Jealous of his jock older brother, gay misfit Lance gets a magical chance to change things. 1/29/18 5:35 PM
JoJoJo Jared prepares to have some fun with his two new friends 11/3/17 5:16 AM
GrowingGeek A scorned lover looks for counselling on his failing marriage, and gets more than he bargained for 9/2/17 8:55 AM
webb025 Plans for Homecoming; a tender love scene. 7/29/17 6:26 AM
RoboHomies A story of Troy, who is straight but willing to be transformed into a robot to fulfill his best friend, Nick desire. 6/12/17 7:24 PM A young man returns to his apartment, unaware that what happened to his roommate is about to happen to him... 5/15/17 1:15 AM
T.K.Summer Brothers Dave and Jack enjoy a Summer's beach day with a group of friends when a strange man named Captain introduces himself. 5/12/17 2:47 PM
Ethan White Kent Jamison is a part of the team that developed a serum designed to amplify the archetypal masculine qualities of a man. Tommy is your typical twink, but the serum changes him into a man beyond his wildest dreams, and more besides. But the serum's effects extend beyond just physical transformation, and both Tommy and Kent have to grapple with its effects, both expected and unexpected. 5/10/17 3:31 AM
MCBrain Who is Tom's boyfriend again? 6/4/16 9:45 AM
Sieg A sheltered, closeted, engineering student finds out how green the grass is on the other side. 5/12/16 12:34 AM
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