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M. Greene 2/4/19 10:54 AM
M. Greene 1/25/19 11:48 AM
lordandmasterinlondon 1/25/19 2:08 AM
M. Greene 1/21/19 5:29 PM
buzzboy18 1/20/19 8:05 AM
Danny becomes desperate to satisfy his needs, and resorts to drastic measures.
1/16/19 9:02 AM
Danny's continues visiting Bill's apartment, and begins to notice the effects.
1/15/19 4:06 AM
S. Edmonds
On this day, I detail how Henry is kept on his toes by my random whims.
1/10/19 2:03 PM
Pat gets an all new personality - to serve as a very special personal sex slave. And it's Glen who is responsible for this.
1/6/19 10:00 PM
The second showcased path from my Choose Your Own Adventure game, Saturday Morning. You meet a new friend who takes you to his pup boy's graduation from obedience school where you get a little education of your own.
1/3/19 9:38 AM
A college boy's volunteer time at a homeless shelter doesn't go as he expected
1/2/19 8:57 PM
Little Andy and Davey learn more about their new life.
12/31/18 12:27 PM
GemGemmini 12/27/18 5:37 PM
Kovu 12/25/18 10:19 AM
GemGemmini 12/21/18 3:12 PM
Stroppy Author
A bar owner trains customers
12/17/18 7:46 AM
The Naked Ginger
Brandon attempts to put this crazy past behind him
12/16/18 11:02 PM
After his first conquest of a hero the Editor is ready to try out his powers on others, though he's not quite as strong as he thinks he is.
12/12/18 12:13 PM
Absolute Master
The master just keeps getting crueler...
12/6/18 7:36 PM
Willie Cici
The final phase of testing and Josh's plan would take off . . .
12/4/18 9:50 PM
M. Greene 11/29/18 6:49 PM
lordandmasterinlondon 11/19/18 10:27 AM
There are many entrances into the Maze.
11/8/18 11:18 AM
The vengeful Ed is back to further humiliate and degrade when his old bully-turned-servant calls the police for help.
7/31/18 7:15 AM
Three stranded baseball players receive some needed help from the police. Their whole lives are about to change.
7/23/18 9:12 PM
Stroppy Author 7/21/18 2:13 PM
The first shift of fire pups get used to their new lives while preparing for the second shift's arrival.
7/12/18 5:31 PM
Dr. Gnawbones
A pair of missionaries meet a demon
7/12/18 2:07 AM
Ed moves into a new house, where he discovers a strange power that allows him to take revenge on his neighbors for what they did to him in the past.
6/24/18 3:46 AM
Stroppy Author
A seedy bookstore sells a shy man something he didnt expect
6/20/18 1:53 PM