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MCBrain Intermission - Two boys find themselves entranced by an up-and-cuming porn star 9/20/18 2:25 PM
MCBrain Carlos is a good Christian boy who wants nothing more than to lead a good, fulfilling life. He hopes that the Church at his new college will help him find his place... 9/15/18 11:53 AM
ChaoticDjinn Kappa Sig knows how to throw one heck of a party 9/11/18 5:35 AM
Willie Cici Andy, out of gas and no cell phone, finds himself in uncharted territory. But there's a farmhouse nearby . . . 9/7/18 6:19 PM
Willie Cici Bobby finds himself in weird situation, but has to deal with his deceit . . . 9/7/18 4:48 PM
ChaoticDjinn Roles all around Italy have been redefined, in extreme characterture like ways 9/5/18 8:34 PM
Tkhon After an accident weight lifting, his doctor has a strange cure. 8/19/18 5:19 PM
BlueMoonRose As the game finally comes to an end what will each boy choose? Stay in Heaven? Or go back to Earth? 8/13/18 1:01 PM
Nicky Noxville Trevor reminisces about how he and his dad got to this point, and gets into his on the job training. 8/1/18 5:40 PM
BlueMoonRose The game finally pushes Ash to his breaking lint and beyond. 7/26/18 5:24 PM
ChaoticDjinn Something's lurking in the mist 7/24/18 6:37 AM
WeirdKinks Tony found himself in a peculiar situation at work. 7/23/18 11:53 AM
BlueMoonRose As the game continues the friends begin to relate to each other in new ways. 7/18/18 4:42 AM
BlueMoonRose As the game continues we see just how deep some of the changes go and learn a dark aspect about one of the boys. 7/16/18 12:49 PM
Dr. Gnawbones A pair of missionaries meet a demon 7/12/18 2:07 AM
EdIam Larry wants to think for Zack. 7/4/18 7:43 AM
Marc of a Man When a fleeing alien crash lands on earth, he shows the male earthlings his special powers of persuasion 7/1/18 10:39 PM
Tkhon Straight guys are always a little curious, right? Maybe a lot curious. 6/25/18 8:17 AM
WeirdKinks Ryan had a sweet time with his father, and his father's father. 6/24/18 5:10 AM
Willie Cici Ken asked his mother for a favor, not for himself, but for the elderly neighbor. Mom's have a hard time saying no . . . . 6/20/18 5:37 AM
WeirdKinks Ryan decided to take advantage of the most famous people in town! 6/19/18 12:15 PM
WeirdKinks Ryan reunites himself with his first crush and his first crush's son. 6/16/18 1:50 PM
Tom Gungy A well-to-do father and son are brought down a peg by the newcomer to their little town. 6/15/18 2:54 PM
Yourmind123 Todd stays with Scott over summer break and becomes very close with Scott's whole family 6/15/18 6:51 AM
WeirdKinks Ryan has gotten a strange email that seems to be spam at first glance. 6/13/18 9:14 AM
Marc of a Man Three Southern goood ole' boys set out to crack the secret of the house on the hill - but get a lesson in facing their own prejudices instead. 5/31/18 8:46 PM
Marc of a Man Three Southern goood ole' boys set out to crack the secret of the house on the hill - but get a lesson in facing their own prejudices instead. 5/31/18 8:38 PM
WeirdKinks Josh decided to invite everyone over for some fun, including his step-brother 5/26/18 10:03 AM
Sir Skinny Experimenting with cuckolding and exhibitionism while developing my boy 5/22/18 5:05 AM
Tom Gungy A squad is sent to investigate a base gone dark with no intel. 5/17/18 2:08 AM