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A private detective is on the case of a missing son.
12/18/18 5:28 AM
Willie Cici
Officer Randy Chestnut is dispatched to investigate a disappearance at the Bogart Farm . . .
4/12/18 4:54 AM
The power to have your deepest thoughts manifest into reality, is it a gift or a curse?
10/9/17 2:56 AM
During the first night at the training center, Deck is witness to a startling incident.
1/5/17 12:55 PM
[Darker Theme] Matt’s new girlfriend doesn’t like him spending so much time with his gay best friend Logan so she figures out a way to get Matt acting more ‘conservatively.’
6/2/16 6:35 PM
absman420 9/29/14 3:14 PM
Joey B
Evan's on his way to be a sex machine out of this world...
12/8/13 7:00 PM
Leo wanted to be a million dollar commodity. Doctor Heart has a "Training Program" to achie
6/25/11 1:00 AM