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Kane Swift In the future there are only Masters and Slaves. But what happens when one Master finds himself on the wrong side of the law? 8/23/18 8:45 PM
xORRiNx There isn’t enough room for two masculine gay dudes in the same dorm room so Dan, ‘the star athlete,’ finds a special way to nudge Ethan downward on the masculinity scale. 8/23/18 4:17 PM
Stroppy Author troublemakers in a bookstore are taught a lesson 6/10/18 3:30 AM
Willie Cici Trent goes on a business trip that changes his life . . . 4/9/18 4:51 AM
Sir Skinny The new Thor actor gets the body for his new role, but it's more work than he had anticipated 3/26/18 2:56 PM
Kane Swift Two bro’s make a bet with the aid of mysterious device. The consequences of which become more real that they could imagine 10/7/17 3:51 PM
sneakerdom Taking from the bullies and giving back to the bullied. Sex involved, happy ending included, terms and conditions apply. 9/29/17 6:08 PM
screamingmoist Where the author and his friend come face-to-face with what lurks underground. 8/25/17 8:56 PM
screamingmoist What's behind door number 2? 6/26/17 9:09 PM
Two friends discover that you never know what waits on the other side of the threshold.
6/25/17 8:49 PM
T.K.Summer Two childhood friends get together after college exams and spend an evening catching up over beer and pizza. 5/6/17 3:40 PM A rock climber is hired by UFO hunters to find Aliens on the Area 51 firing range. But why is the Army not bothering to stop them? An d why are there goat droppings half way up an un-climbable cliff 5/1/17 8:23 PM
sneakerdom After using the stone to drain Kevin's muscles, Alex turns his attention to his other bully... 12/1/16 8:56 PM
sneakerdom Alex whishes his bullies would give him some respect, with a stone loop he get's so much more. 11/18/16 10:25 AM
Cody Blast A client decides that his personal trainer has his goal body. 10/8/16 3:45 AM
Cris Kane The mysterious Mexican elixir works its wonders on the poker buddies. 8/8/16 9:09 PM
screamingmoist A trio of stories about a man who finds a strange bottle and lets out something he shouldn't. 7/27/16 11:19 PM
screamingmoist Sneaking into abandoned funhouses is never a good idea. 7/6/16 2:24 AM
Getting sculpted usually goes the other direction.
7/4/16 7:21 PM
Dutchutch On a train two guys try to study for their final exams but find themselves taken in by a stranger 6/10/16 3:23 AM
screamingmoist The Bull's torment continues 6/8/16 1:25 AM
xORRiNx There's only room for ONE masculine gay bro in this story. 5/17/16 1:27 AM
Todd Ryker Chad's magic dildo is explained, and he gets involved with Corey and Tony's lives 5/15/16 9:19 PM
HypnoMaleDomination An unassuming househusband accidently becomes the God-King of the world. 4/25/16 1:09 AM
screamingmoist A trip down the river causes big changes for a group of young men. 4/24/16 4:40 AM
Dutchutch Two bullies are taught a permanent lesson 4/12/16 12:43 AM
Dutchutch The band's first show leaves it marks on the staff of the concert hall 4/8/16 10:23 PM
Lenny Ben gains and loses in gym shower 4/7/16 9:10 PM
Lenny A young hollywood star takes on a big role in hopes of getting the recognition he deserves 4/4/16 2:05 PM
xORRiNx Adam and Robbie, childhood friends now college roommates, tease a gay couple resulting in a curse very slowly transforming the two straight bros into stereotypical “alpha top & sissy bottom.” 3/11/16 2:34 AM