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Ben returns and joins the missionaries for another frozen play date.
10/3/18 6:31 AM
Heru Kane
There is but one thing to do when a business man sees two sweet innocent missionaries walking Folsom Street Fair, to make them his!
7/11/18 8:34 PM
Lee wakes up in his new life and enjoys his first day as Liam.
5/6/18 12:18 AM
A supernatural copy-editor finds all sorts of errors in the literature two Mormon missionaries give him. Luckily for them he's willing to correct it.
3/17/18 5:48 AM
Samuel gives Lee the serum needed to change Lee's life and make him the man of Samuel's dreams.
Insufficient Tags
12/30/17 9:36 PM
Greg uses his power to transform two Mormon missionaries Gay
Category missing
7/10/10 8:00 PM
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