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Willie Cici Hunter could not believe his good fortune. The hot, little brunette was taking him back to the hotel . . . 9/17/18 4:19 PM
Willie Cici Kyle takes his dog to the marina and meets another dog enthusiast . . . 9/7/18 6:20 PM
Willie Cici Bobby finds himself in weird situation, but has to deal with his deceit . . . 9/7/18 4:48 PM
zerumolecolarum A dangerous creature is accidentaly set free, and an unaware boy finds out that hitchhikers can be wonderful yet dangerous men 9/4/18 10:55 AM
Willie Cici A high school reunion offers Cal a chance to even the tables against three tormentors . . . 8/26/18 2:11 AM
Willie Cici Oengus oversees the training of a new fairy . . . . 8/25/18 8:22 PM
BlueMoonRose As the game finally comes to an end what will each boy choose? Stay in Heaven? Or go back to Earth? 8/13/18 1:01 PM
Willie Cici Three college professors decide to meet justice on their terms . . . 8/13/18 12:41 PM
Shinjo Sho Seiha on the new job. One mistake is he must learn about his work more before break some protocal. 8/12/18 9:33 PM
Willie Cici A prequel to "The Secret Garden". Learn about the Garden and its secret lore . . . 8/12/18 9:31 PM
Willie Cici Oengus finds another toy to play with, with unintended results . . . 8/12/18 9:30 PM
rubbrsome The story concludes when Scott is faced with his final transformation by the robot men. 8/2/18 10:35 PM
rubbrsome Scott finds himself in a new reality, and quickly learns the seriousness of his predicament. 8/1/18 2:08 AM
rubbrsome The deleted scenes from a previous story, giving you the greater perspective a what happened behind the curtain. 7/29/18 6:11 AM
BlueMoonRose The game finally pushes Ash to his breaking lint and beyond. 7/26/18 5:24 PM
Willie Cici Jason found himself in a different world but one that he knew he belonged . . . 7/25/18 5:51 PM
Willie Cici Noah couldn't believe his eyes. He never suspected but his eyes did not lie . . . . 7/25/18 5:46 PM
BlueMoonRose Round brings about small changes for three of the boys, Ash begins to loose himself to the game. 7/22/18 11:05 PM
Willie Cici Tension among the team's alphas can only be relieved by a therapeutic session with the team trainer . . . . 7/20/18 2:21 PM
Willie Cici Young Ethan returns to his ancestral home and learns about a secret garden upon the grounds of the estate . . . 7/20/18 2:10 PM
BlueMoonRose As the game continues the friends begin to relate to each other in new ways. 7/18/18 4:42 AM
BlueMoonRose As the game continues we see just how deep some of the changes go and learn a dark aspect about one of the boys. 7/16/18 12:49 PM
Willie Cici A day to spend near the water's edge proves life changing . . . 7/12/18 5:11 PM
Willie Cici Rob needs to find a new job. The employment agency sends him to an interview, a man who demands that Rob sign a confidentiality agreement . . . 7/8/18 9:46 PM
Willie Cici Daniel takes advantage of the warm weather and decides to go for an early evening job in nearby Central Park . . . 7/8/18 9:28 PM
Willie Cici Bobby and his friends want to party Friday night. They never expected it would be with the neighbor . . . 7/5/18 3:11 AM
Willie Cici Denny needs a root canal . . . 7/5/18 2:55 AM
Willie Cici Trent spends the weekend at his friend Cary's home in Santa Barbara. He did not understand why all the guys were wearing those damn speedos . . . . 7/3/18 4:14 AM
Willie Cici Eric finds refuge in the woods . . . 7/3/18 3:56 AM
Marketingbatman Continuation 6/30/18 2:56 AM