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A superhero is planning on taking down a new supervillain, little does he realize that the closer he gets to the villain, the more he changes.
12/10/18 9:59 AM
Stroppy Author 12/1/18 10:49 PM
Stroppy Author
A man becomes the pet he wants to adopt
11/19/18 9:19 PM
ReMinder 10/29/18 6:19 AM
Mindwinder 10/22/18 12:29 PM
Strange things have been happening everywhere.
10/21/18 7:26 AM
Wishing for something you yearn for, does not always turn out the way you expect!!
10/12/18 10:13 PM
A man falls victim to a group looking to transform him and create a new breed
9/26/18 5:10 AM
Peter Quill investigates a distress signal from space, facing off against a slimy alien species.
9/14/18 4:52 AM
Stroppy Author 8/8/18 2:33 PM
An unconventional method, but will it work?
8/5/18 8:08 PM
The deleted scenes from a previous story, giving you the greater perspective a what happened behind the curtain.
7/29/18 6:11 AM
Stroppy Author 7/21/18 2:13 PM
Hypnocigarboy 7/16/18 4:21 AM
How will Karl react to Cameron’s real identity?
7/15/18 1:12 PM
Under a gas influence, Cameron was lead to put on Sean’s complete outfit and take his place.
7/6/18 12:30 AM
Robin Rubber
Bought Rubber Cock and Ball Sheaths and things got out of hand.
6/25/18 9:42 PM
Martin 6/25/18 1:31 PM
Stroppy Author 6/24/18 5:43 PM
The Master wants a new drone, and R01 knows how to make that happen
6/23/18 2:37 PM
R01's workout program leads to frustration
6/22/18 11:02 AM
R01 learns what its role will be for its Master
6/21/18 8:47 PM
Matt wakes up from a dream to realise his fantasies of becoming a rubber drone are about to become a reality
6/20/18 6:06 PM
Stroppy Author
A college baseball player gets recruited at a bar, but not for baseball
6/20/18 2:40 AM
Stroppy Author
A rubber lover meets his match at a tyre store
6/10/18 10:38 PM
Stroppy Author
A man hires a Master to eliminate his competition
5/30/18 4:00 AM
After a space merchant vessel perceives an unknown transmission as a distress call, its landing on the source moon finds one of the crew attacked by a mysterious lifeform, and they soon realize that its life cycle has merely begun.
5/19/18 7:37 AM
An innocent rubber enthusiast finds himself held captive by the newly created soldier drones.
5/19/18 12:04 AM
A dedicated writer has a chance to no longer dream of his fantasy but the opportunity to live it.
5/18/18 5:39 PM
Hypnocigarboy 5/10/18 1:31 AM