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Author Name Published
Lad The tables turn for one homophobic hunk when he crosses the wrong guy. 7/15/18 11:56 PM
WeirdKinks Josh meets a mysterious figure at the edge of his bed. 5/20/18 10:44 AM
WeirdKinks Josh reunites with his old high school teacher, and crush! 5/6/18 11:27 AM
xesulliv Philip is such a handsome young man, he makes for a beautiful secretary. Long dark lashes, black hair, green eyes. More beautiful than a woman. It's perfectly natural for Matthew to act on his attraction to the raven-haired boi. 2/20/18 9:03 PM
MindManiac Things came to a close once Nathan found where the thief was 1/24/18 6:03 PM
MindManiac Troy finally had his say with Brendan 12/31/17 7:27 PM
bleuboy Trevor, Garrett and Jorge figure out the darker secrets of Bulges. 12/21/17 6:25 AM
Brad finds out what exactly Bulges, a new night club in Houston, offers to its patrons.
12/7/17 8:53 PM
Wrestlr Buzz wants to prove to his older brother that he's all grown up now. 11/6/17 1:04 AM
Haven Tesla How far will daytime TV star Colton Dory go to win an Emmy? Two months after losing, he's more determined than ever that this year will be his year - and his kindly boss Hank is ever ready to 'help' him - as long as he remains committed to being a method actor, of course! 9/30/17 6:42 PM
PowerThrill Something's odd about Gold City, California. It's filled to the brim with beautiful men for no discernible reason, and when something strange happens, no one seems to take notice. And if you know where to look, you can get everything you've always wanted. 5/27/17 1:56 AM
MindManiac Sam has a friend that found a medallion that doesn't know what's it for. But when Sam unlocked its power he soon uses it to his friend. 4/4/17 8:20 AM
MindManiac Nathan is a scientist working with nanobots. What would happen if he tested his finish product on his neighbour crush Brendan? 1/22/17 3:46 PM
xORRiNx Blond hair really is thicker all around, isn't it? This clean-cut brown-haired politician experiences a couple major changes by the time this transformation is over! [Commissioned Piece] 6/9/16 9:57 PM
magister Boy-next-door, hypno-goggles, naked dining. Written years ago. 11/30/08 7:00 PM
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