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Willie Cici Dawson finds himself in a tragic situation -- doomed to repeat the same mistake, time and time again . . . 3/12/18 6:27 PM
FourDoorAventador A young man doses his roommate with a concoction that begins a godly transformation. 11/23/17 10:19 AM Two budding archaeologists discover an ancient temple during Spring Break and are changed forever. 4/30/17 8:41 PM
AnotherMeekOne Is it the end, or a new beginning? 3/4/17 6:03 AM
Viking Zombie Boyfriend A hard-partying bro-dude winds up as the center of attention at a very strange get-together. 12/1/16 11:59 PM
The Syrme Are men doomed to lie below the Gods? 5/22/16 10:30 AM
HypnoMaleDomination An unassuming househusband accidently becomes the God-King of the world. 4/25/16 1:09 AM
Willie Cici A young college student is recruited to help his professor . . . 3/31/16 3:49 AM
gymmuscle The final chapter of The Change, are there any happily ever afters? 10/30/15 6:02 PM
Tyroleon Erik gain's godlike powers for freeing Eros, the god of sexuality. He inadvertently unleashes the power on his two roommates. 5/26/15 9:40 PM
gymmuscle Pete finds out how difficult it is to refuse a God. We learn about what happened when the Balance awoke and also what's been going on with Regina Kelly. 5/20/15 12:32 AM
gymmuscle Pete finally finds out why he is so important to the Coven and Byron gets punished. We also meet another member of the Coven. 5/7/15 10:16 AM
gymmuscle Pete goes on a date with Greg and the Professor finnaly finds the Temple of the Gods. 4/27/15 12:44 AM
gymmuscle We learn about Pete's first weeks working with Byron and about the history of the First Gods. 4/19/15 11:40 PM
gymmuscle Jenner must bond Jack to him and the Professor translates the Tablets. 4/14/15 9:28 PM
gymmuscle Jenner leaves and Jack starts to find things about The Change 2/17/15 9:47 PM
Viridian A game is played in a park. 12/20/14 3:51 PM
sb jb mc A hero and his friends are in danger of becoming mindless sex slaves by the evil villain the Enslave 1/29/14 7:00 PM
J Alexander Captured, the resistance mounts a last-ditch effort to save mankind. 3/4/13 7:00 PM
J Alexander Zeus holds a council and reveals a terrifying plan. The resistance is betrayed. 3/2/13 7:00 PM
J Alexander Rick and John escape the city, but a different god catches up with them. 2/21/13 7:00 PM
J Alexander While Rick and John try to escape Hermes, the other gods spread the nanites across the globe. 2/3/13 7:00 PM
J Alexander Rick struggles with a familiar demon. 1/29/13 7:00 PM
J Alexander Zeus has plans to take over the highest remaining authority on Earth: The World Council. 1/27/13 7:00 PM
J Alexander Apollo makes his presence known at an archaeological dig in Greece. 1/24/13 7:00 PM
J Alexander Hades travels to a Russian nightclub. 1/19/13 7:00 PM
Kota The story ends and all is revealed... 1/19/13 7:00 PM
J Alexander Poseidon uses his new powers to start a kinky cult. 1/17/13 7:00 PM
J Alexander The new gods discover kinky abilities imbued by the nanites. 1/8/13 7:00 PM
Nibelung A demigod falls to the irresistible power of Ms Peacock 7/19/11 8:00 PM