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Nicky Noxville Mark has to face Adam, and their other friends, at school. Fortunately for him, he has a appointment with his doctor to delay the inevitable. 5/12/18 6:12 AM
rubbrsome In the conclusion, Sam learns the truth about his father. 4/25/18 12:30 AM
rubbrsome Two friends plan to move into their new home. 4/23/18 11:46 PM
Nicky Noxville Adam and his father have big plans for Adam's friend, Mark, at their pre-graduation party. 4/15/18 3:51 PM
EdIam The journey Jon took before the last hypnosis show Paul would put on and where he's headed afterwards... 1/3/18 3:25 AM
xesulliv The Jizzmas Elf made a terrible mistake. His atonement is to grant three college men the body transformations they need most. 12/13/17 5:56 PM
mw-scot (CodyTaylorNYC) Andy wants more than to be flatmates with Richard, so he spikes his beer with some batter up 12/10/17 4:55 PM
Willie Cici Billy and his friends go hiking in the woods . . . 9/14/17 3:05 PM
T.K.Summer Tyler cannot deal with the fact that his childhood bestfriend and him are growing apart and so he enacts a desperate plan. 7/8/17 1:28 PM Two budding archaeologists discover an ancient temple during Spring Break and are changed forever. 4/30/17 8:41 PM
MindManiac Sam has a friend that found a medallion that doesn't know what's it for. But when Sam unlocked its power he soon uses it to his friend. 4/4/17 8:20 AM
AnotherMeekOne Oda's paranoia costs him dearly after one slave is reminded of his place, and the second trap is sprung--bringing everyone back to the source of their problems. But what stinks? 3/4/17 5:27 AM
Dat Spicy Ramen A college kid decides to do something about his bully. 1/18/17 10:44 PM
Dat Spicy Ramen A college kid decides to do something about his bully. 1/9/17 3:10 PM
Dat Spicy Ramen A college kid decides to do something about his bully. 1/7/17 12:31 AM
BlackShotEyes A straight freshman just had a bad breakup. He decided to have some bro-time his best friend in order to forget the pain. Little did they know what will happen next.. 11/14/16 5:32 PM
KKA Tim is made aware of what is happening. Brian, the wrestler finds out too. 6/9/16 11:24 PM
astrolub Six frat buddies continue to play a game, not realizing a reality warper is playing along. 3/11/16 9:36 AM
Canadian Cowboy Paul discovers that not all gifted people are good. 1/21/16 1:28 AM
Will Topping Mike's life begins to change after his girlfriend posts nude pics of him on a photo-sharing site 12/3/15 5:06 PM
Hypnotic Subjugation Sam humiliates Jamie in a bar after a chance encounter and pays the price. 5/30/15 4:33 PM
Tyroleon Erik gain's godlike powers for freeing Eros, the god of sexuality. He inadvertently unleashes the power on his two roommates. 5/26/15 9:40 PM
J. Santalo New to LA, Casey embarks on a journey of self-improvement that changes him in ways he never imagined. 4/12/15 7:16 PM
TheCockJock I found my roommate's dildo and it transformed me into the man of his dreams 11/10/14 4:47 PM
Mr. Malifoy Just as I thought things were heaven-like... 9/21/14 5:32 AM
Hypnothrill Tyler notices things changing after the school hires Officer O'Connor 6/8/14 8:37 AM
BadColinBaxter Tyler finds an ally, and has another new experience. 11/21/12 7:00 PM
BadColinBaxter Naive jocj, Tyler, witnesses something that shocks him to the core. 11/19/12 7:00 PM
ghostwriterde The beach club is completed and the ultimate revenge is prepared. 8/29/12 8:00 PM
Orion1961 James bets Tyson he can't spend 1 hour in a gay bar; Fire intends to keep them there even longer. 6/28/12 8:00 PM