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[FURRIES] With Greg's ritual cast, Garrett's meeting with Mr. Bongo is about to take a rather bizarre turn.
11/12/18 12:13 PM
Behaven 11/8/18 6:44 PM
JockBoy 11/4/18 9:17 AM
A group of four YouTube stars investigate a mansion that isn't quite as abandoned as they thought
10/31/18 7:07 PM
Willie Cici
Brian, the assistant manager of a beach resort hotel, has to deal with the guests in Room 302 . . .
10/24/18 3:55 PM
Willie Cici
Greg is having thoughts. Where they came from, he does not know . . .
10/22/18 6:01 AM
Wonder Bread
Straight married conservative bro Jason falls under the thrall of his sexy new boss, and he and his best from become the slutty bottoms they were meant to be.
10/19/18 9:39 AM
Stroppyauthor 10/14/18 5:10 PM
Eros isn't exactly unhappy with his lot in life, to induce lust in humans at random, but Eris proposes a larger game that intrigues the capricious god. Imagine: the pure fun of chaos and lust working together...
10/3/18 6:32 AM
The symbiote has reunited with Eddie Brock but making Eddie a lot more horny. The urge to bond with Peter, the urge to bond with men, to rule all men entire earth.
10/1/18 2:44 PM
Carlos is a good Christian boy who wants nothing more than to lead a good, fulfilling life. He hopes that the Church at his new college will help him find his place...
9/15/18 11:53 AM
Roles all around Italy have been redefined, in extreme characterture like ways
9/5/18 8:34 PM
As the game finally comes to an end what will each boy choose? Stay in Heaven? Or go back to Earth?
8/13/18 1:01 PM
The game finally pushes Ash to his breaking lint and beyond.
7/26/18 5:24 PM
Four friends who are stuck inside during a long thunderstorm discover a mysterious game when the power goes out. What surprises does the game have in store for them?
7/16/18 12:52 AM
James is the powerful CFO of a Fortune 100 company, and Steve just works in IT, but Steve knows one tiny little tweak he can make to James's brain to turn the tables.
7/11/18 7:11 PM
Willie Cici
Eli beds the wrong woman. His life will never be the same . . .
6/19/18 3:01 AM
A grey existence and need for something more. Some dreams are best left alone.
6/17/18 12:51 PM
Stroppy Author 6/14/18 2:19 PM
Stroppy Author 6/10/18 3:30 AM
Stroppy Author
A skinhead is too violent for his own crew so they change him
6/3/18 4:29 PM
SneakyT 6/2/18 6:35 AM
Willie Cici
Brad wanted to attend college and would do anything to get that scholarship . . .
5/21/18 4:19 AM
Of course nobody can alter someone else's memories. If your gay neighbor thinks he can, let him prove it.
5/12/18 8:24 PM
A new guy moves into the apartment across from mine. I don't want anything to do with him. But I can see his TV through the bacony's sliding doors. And he's watching gay IR porn.
4/27/18 3:23 AM
Aquaman infiltrates the Mad Doctor's lair.. and gets a surprise!
4/25/18 9:33 PM
Batman must escape from the Joker's trap -- in a Gay Sauna!
4/23/18 6:55 PM
Programming Prince
Alternate possibility if Michael had chosen how he programmed Steven differently. The fraternity will never be the same. This is much darker and smuttier.
4/2/18 9:07 AM
Programming Prince
Lucas, an unsocial geek senior, reluctantly finds himself with some new responsibilities.
3/30/18 8:56 AM
Programming Prince
Steven has quite a secret. One that even he doesn't know about.
3/21/18 11:41 AM