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Jax Shaw 11/21/18 1:52 AM
Leather Asylum
A young man visits his cousin in an Asylum in the hopes of seeing real leather restraints.
11/16/18 8:51 AM
Leather Asylum 11/15/18 8:45 AM
Cris Kane
Bret receives some surprise birthday gifts from his colleagues at the bio lab.
9/10/18 7:48 AM
Stroppy Author 8/8/18 2:33 PM
The islanders are captured by strange foreign men. A very special duty is waiting for the male population.
6/7/18 8:15 AM
Nicky Noxville
Mark has to face Adam, and their other friends, at school. Fortunately for him, he has a appointment with his doctor to delay the inevitable.
5/12/18 6:12 AM
The journal of a man as hypnotherapy changes him to be more willing to try new things
4/24/18 7:47 AM
Benjamin has already achieved initial successes: The monster-rubber cock painfully showed the muscle man that his mind is manipulable. Now in phase 2 an application is being used which makes a dildo comparatively to a children's toy.
4/7/18 9:56 AM
Benjamin has to take responsibility: Even a very young doctor is expected to transform strong-willed muscle men into absolutely obedient sperm donors.
3/31/18 10:16 AM
Sir Skinny
The new Thor actor gets the body for his new role, but it's more work than he had anticipated
3/26/18 2:56 PM
Doctor Version, a terrifyingly intelligent man who has money and the technology, and now a subject...
2/22/18 2:49 AM
z119z 1/10/18 2:17 PM
rubbrsome 1/5/18 2:07 AM
A twin tries to distinguish himself from his brother, and ends up bringing them closer together than ever.
12/9/17 3:30 AM
Abducted by a doctor who is determined to create more jocks in the world, you fight tooth and nail to survive the injections and get back to an accomplished life.
11/14/17 7:33 PM
The Clinic transforms men into their darkest, most erotic desires. Who are these men and what will they become? Help write the story!
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10/27/17 7:58 AM
Willie Cici
Doctor Houston learns a trick from a colleague . . .
10/1/17 6:46 PM
An entire town is exposed to a chemical that will change all the men.
7/31/17 7:24 PM
A man's girlfriend convinces him to visit an X rated hypnosis show. He and the other men in the audience have their minds expanded.
7/10/17 9:02 PM
Willie Cici
Greg needed help with his ADD. His neighbor had the answers . . .
6/1/17 4:03 AM
Willie Cici
College professor tries to prove his theory on his research assistant . . .
5/25/17 8:17 PM
An experiment has caused a fracture in reality through which a mythic ecosystem is leaking into Area 51. In one of the scientific research stations on the quarantine perimeter, scientists are experimenting on a captured Pixie...
5/1/17 8:43 PM
Robert M 4/29/17 1:24 AM
An all-male crew brings something back from a strange planet...
4/14/17 1:49 PM
Willie Cici
Two roommates swap iPod by mistake. Only Dr. Edwards can help . . .
12/31/16 6:56 AM
The professor is testing the new sexdroid which used to be Corin. And he's using his own assistant for the tests - who's life will not be the same afterwards!
12/14/16 1:35 PM
Corin is transformed - and his new existence as a sexdroid begins
11/21/16 10:28 PM
The life story of a young man who becomes immortal as he's transformed into a sexdroid
11/20/16 10:11 PM
Willie Cici
A new prisoner arrives at the Facility, but he's been there before
10/8/16 4:45 AM