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cubwriter28 Finn and Nix come up with their own plan to mold the newest Guardian. 9/20/18 2:27 PM
MCBrain Intermission - Two boys find themselves entranced by an up-and-cuming porn star 9/20/18 2:25 PM
Potentialsinner A young catholic man strays from the right path and wants absolution through confession and penance 8/25/18 1:10 PM
G.B. Ultimate power awaits those who seek it. 8/14/18 2:39 PM
IvorySilk Zach was going about all the wrong ways of getting a hookup at the club that night. Then he got handed one he totally was not expecting. 8/13/18 9:24 PM
G.B. The Night before the Blood Moon. Will Sisyphus withstand and resist the temptation, or will he fall and join the Brotherhood? 8/2/18 6:22 AM
G.B. Love is a double-edge sword. 8/1/18 7:16 AM
G.B. The crescent moon wanes as darkness descends. 7/30/18 11:56 PM
G.B. A Drone Submits. (And the truth of Gale's origin is revealed.) 7/27/18 10:48 PM
G.B. A shadow lurks in the darkness as the darkness takes over. 7/26/18 11:44 PM
pienistheIV Clive stops in at an empty gallery and marvels at the art 7/23/18 3:29 PM
Dr. Gnawbones A pair of missionaries meet a demon 7/12/18 2:07 AM
Pepperjack Alien slugs infect college guys and turn them into horny gay guys. 6/8/18 3:55 PM
Willie Cici Adam visits a tropical island, where he meets an interesting character . . . 5/17/18 7:26 PM
Tom Gungy Two brothers have had a rocky relationship since the elder of the two had graduated. Little does the younger brother know that there may be an outside influence responsible. 5/16/18 12:08 PM
Hypnocigarboy Ron sneaks into an abandoned aircraft hangar looking to scavenge lost items, and finds himself in a sticky situation with the ghosts of the past. 4/24/18 6:58 AM
M. Greene Finale 4/10/18 7:28 PM
M. Greene Shifting allegiances... 4/9/18 7:30 AM
M. Greene A wedding. 4/6/18 2:12 PM
M. Greene The bad and the good... 3/28/18 1:01 PM
M. Greene Church and State... 3/26/18 11:27 AM
M. Greene Belial visits an old friend... 3/21/18 12:28 PM
M. Greene Belial needs a blacksmith... 3/20/18 8:18 PM
M. Greene Belial settles in... 3/18/18 5:54 PM
M. Greene A powerful demon re-enters the world... 3/16/18 11:53 AM
gymmuscle Craig starts to feel the effects of meeting Mr. Red and shares them with Nate. 2/2/18 12:29 AM
ReMinder A cult, a contract, and a corruption 1/31/18 8:16 PM
TickledPink The guys have a friendly match, before discovering something that's, well, just not cricket. 1/25/18 12:28 PM
TickledPink Gareth's highly original scenarios continue as the final guests arrive and are shocked, (SHOCKED!), at what they find. 1/21/18 5:56 AM
TickledPink The first two guests arrive, and get stuck filling up the pool. And each other. 1/17/18 12:05 PM