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Willie Cici
Tony, Mick, Jerry and Nate accept a private gig, a bachelorette party . . .
10/10/18 9:13 AM
After getting obnoxious at the wrong bar, the lads' night out gets a bit out of hand.
2/17/18 4:35 AM
Case finds himself in a nightclub, not understanding why he's there or what's about to happen.
11/16/17 4:09 AM
Two college students learn the hard way that there's truth to some urban legends.
8/25/17 12:20 AM
Caedmon's Cock
I met a strange man at the club the other night who started stretching my dick in the strangest, most wonderful way.
4/8/17 6:02 PM
The professor is testing the new sexdroid which used to be Corin. And he's using his own assistant for the tests - who's life will not be the same afterwards!
12/14/16 1:35 PM
Terinas Tiger 10/29/16 11:41 PM
Baralai 8/5/16 9:05 PM
[Two separate stories] Ryan hates clubs so maybe it would be better if he works there. Milo hates his slobish neighbor and the universe corrects that! [Commissioned Pieces]
8/3/16 6:48 AM
Joey B 8/4/13 8:00 PM
Nibelung 7/19/11 8:00 PM
Albatross and NCMC readers
Blaine "Blade" O'Dunn gits mind control powers!
12/24/10 7:00 PM