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Tkhon 10/21/18 7:26 AM
firesix 10/20/18 9:21 PM
Derek Williams
Cole decides to throw his own birthday party. He has a thing for muscle bros, and he's also hacked the universe.
10/18/18 8:17 AM
Collins control over his neighbor intensifies.
10/18/18 12:21 AM
All hail Lord Latex, the master of our gay world
10/18/18 12:19 AM
Collins starts to expand his horizons using the ring.
10/16/18 6:57 AM
Mark and Jack used to be best friends. Perhaps there is some way Mark can rekindle that friendship?
10/8/18 9:10 AM
The symbiote has reunited with Eddie Brock but making Eddie a lot more horny. The urge to bond with Peter, the urge to bond with men, to rule all men entire earth.
10/1/18 2:44 PM
Drew and Zach are unhappy with many aspects of life. On the night of their five year anniversary, both wish upon a shooting star, unknowingly changing things forever.
9/25/18 11:01 AM
Willie Cici
Drew loved going to the gym, but the damn satellite TV system seems to be failing . . . .
9/17/18 6:29 PM
Ben wasn't expecting much when he decides to reply to a chat bot on a porn site. Certainly wasn't expecting to become a cockslut.
9/17/18 4:59 AM
Peter Quill investigates a distress signal from space, facing off against a slimy alien species.
9/14/18 4:52 AM
Willie Cici
Bobby finds himself in weird situation, but has to deal with his deceit . . .
9/7/18 4:48 PM
Willie Cici
A high school reunion offers Cal a chance to even the tables against three tormentors . . .
8/26/18 2:11 AM
G.B. 8/14/18 2:39 PM
Stroppy Author 8/8/18 2:33 PM
An unconventional method, but will it work?
8/5/18 8:08 PM
The Night before the Blood Moon. Will Sisyphus withstand and resist the temptation, or will he fall and join the Brotherhood?
8/2/18 6:22 AM
rubbrsome 8/1/18 11:24 PM
Scott finds himself in a new reality, and quickly learns the seriousness of his predicament.
8/1/18 2:08 AM
Night of the Moon Festival
7/31/18 5:47 AM
G.B. 7/31/18 5:37 AM
Scott is introduced to the new workers of the lab.
7/31/18 4:20 AM
A delivery man stumbles upon a mysterious lab and something dangerous within.
7/30/18 10:45 PM
Stroppy Author 7/29/18 10:01 PM
The deleted scenes from a previous story, giving you the greater perspective a what happened behind the curtain.
7/29/18 6:11 AM
Andy and his mates hold his stag party in an Eastern European city. Too bad their trip includes a visit to a very special bathhouse..
7/28/18 6:24 PM
A Drone Submits. (And the truth of Gale's origin is revealed.)
7/27/18 10:48 PM
A shadow lurks in the darkness as the darkness takes over.
7/26/18 11:44 PM
G.B. 7/25/18 9:08 PM