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An accountant visits a self improvement site
11/7/18 4:30 PM
Derek Williams
Eddie tries to beat the curse, while Matt works against him. Andrew shows everyone what a slutty himbo he's become.
11/3/18 8:46 AM
Derek Williams
Eddie has a hard time thinking straight. Devon enjoys the new Eddie.
10/29/18 5:41 AM
Derek Williams
Devon helps Eddie control his urges. Eddie tries to hang on.
10/26/18 12:32 AM
Willie Cici
Greg is having thoughts. Where they came from, he does not know . . .
10/22/18 6:01 AM
Derek Williams
Ned can't believe that Devon wants to hook up with him. There's a catch.
10/20/18 8:01 AM
Willie Cici
Connor never imagined his life would change -- all because of his girlfriend . . . .
10/5/18 4:39 AM
We find out what the remaining Primals have been up to, and we meed Mr. Red's new partner against the gods.
7/21/18 5:50 PM
James is the powerful CFO of a Fortune 100 company, and Steve just works in IT, but Steve knows one tiny little tweak he can make to James's brain to turn the tables.
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7/11/18 7:09 PM
Mark is sick of his slovenly, lazy roommate. Fortunately, with the new computer program he has developed, soon everything will change...
7/11/18 12:00 AM
Willie Cici
Jarrod needed help. He was on the brink of a mental break down, but did he need . . . a life counselor.
6/16/18 3:42 PM
Nelson takes the new and improved Lucas to the gym
6/10/18 3:29 AM
SneakyT 6/2/18 6:35 AM
Mr. B's research class is the hardest to get into. The opportunity was too good to pass up for Kareem.
2/8/18 5:49 PM
ReMinder 1/31/18 8:16 PM
Willie Cici
Beware of visitors --- whoever they may be . . .
Insufficient Tags
12/4/17 5:33 PM
Master and Oz complete their plan. And that's just the beginning.
11/29/17 4:25 AM
ReMinder 11/13/17 7:47 PM
Returning from a day spent shopping quickly turns ugly. Until it doesn't
11/6/17 7:52 PM
Here I was standing alone in the men's locker room on campus, looking at myself in the mirror, naked. Well, I guess I won't ever be "naked" again for a while. See I am naked, except for the new Holy Trainer that is locked on my cock. And I had no way of getting out.
10/27/17 6:04 AM
Willie Cici
Talent scouts are always on the job, looking for talent . . .
10/11/17 7:26 PM
Kane Swift
Two bro’s make a bet with the aid of mysterious device. The consequences of which become more real that they could imagine
10/7/17 3:51 PM
Nicky Noxville
Three buddies sign up for a medical trial that is offering full scholarships as a reward. What could go wrong?
9/25/17 8:56 PM
Willie Cici
Professor Walton snares another student for the ESU . . .
9/7/17 4:23 AM
Nicky Noxville
Joseph gets caught cheating on his wife, but does not want to lose his marriage. She gives him a second chance, with a few conditions. His life will never be the same...
8/15/17 9:55 PM
Three friends begin to fall under the control of their new Master...
7/24/17 11:49 PM
Eine Unhöflichkeit hätte man ja übersehen können aber eine ganze Reihe davon vor dem falschen Mann können dafür sorgen das du ein wenig erzogen werden musst.
7/20/17 12:44 PM
Willie Cici
Fred attends a prestigious English university and undergoes massive changes . . .
7/10/17 4:00 AM
Willie Cici
Even in the Valley of Death, there are consequences . . .
5/16/17 7:27 PM 5/15/17 1:15 AM