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Four young vandals learn that it's bad luck to destroy jack o'lanterns on Halloween.
10/15/18 6:02 PM
Eros isn't exactly unhappy with his lot in life, to induce lust in humans at random, but Eris proposes a larger game that intrigues the capricious god. Imagine: the pure fun of chaos and lust working together...
10/3/18 6:32 AM
Cris Kane
Their flamboyant best-man Pierce gives strait-laced newlyweds Derek and Charles a mysterious six-pack to liven up their Cancun honeymoon.
9/16/18 7:20 AM
Cris Kane
Bret receives some surprise birthday gifts from his colleagues at the bio lab.
9/10/18 7:48 AM
Jonathan’s booty has been increasingly popular on social media, but how will his fans react when he decides to take the next step?
8/5/18 3:39 PM
The game finally pushes Ash to his breaking lint and beyond.
7/26/18 5:24 PM
Heru Kane
There is a disease rapidly spreading that seems to target gay men and women and leaves them changed and enhanced in body and mind. A college nerd has been infected, and his life will never be the same. In fact, neither will that of his two roommates.
7/25/18 8:13 PM
Zafir drags a heartbroken friend along on a weekend getaway, the Manor decides to be helpful.
7/1/18 11:06 PM
Four nerds try their hand at a new 'impossible' escape room in town. But there's a reason it was called impossible.
6/10/18 8:40 PM
Stroppy Author 6/10/18 3:30 AM
Another ill fated wish over heard by a devious trickster
6/2/18 2:58 PM
Lucas gets stuck with Nelson as a room, and realizes that college roommates are for life
5/29/18 5:14 AM
Imran undergoes even more Change while he tries to find out what’s happening to him.
5/29/18 4:59 AM
Imran finds a very transformative bottle of cologne in his usual locker at the gym
5/13/18 6:09 AM
What seemed to be an ordinary day quickly flips on its head for Rozz as men start fucking in the street... and they seem to be coming back sexier and hornier.
4/27/18 7:20 AM
M. Greene 2/16/18 9:14 AM
M. Greene 2/15/18 9:39 PM
M. Greene 2/13/18 9:37 AM
M. Greene 2/12/18 5:20 PM
M. Greene 2/3/18 9:55 AM
M. Greene 2/1/18 4:47 PM 1/1/18 2:53 PM
The head elf gets bubbled when they sender reveals himself.
12/23/17 9:11 PM
Santa's elves receive a mysterious gift that changes them
12/23/17 2:05 AM
Buddy and Joey better watch what they say or they are going to change even more
12/7/17 6:00 PM
Corporate growth can take on a whole new meaning if you cross the wrong people.
10/23/17 8:40 PM
Two friends who end up catcalling the wrong woman across the street
10/3/17 8:30 PM
Gyms are often the place where wishes become reality given enough time and hard work;However, there's one in particular that seems to deliver at lightning speed.
10/2/17 8:12 PM
The new CEO of Slim Wear wishes to revolutionize the male underwear industry and his customers
8/25/17 3:49 AM
A college kid seems to be constantly losing girls who only date "latino studs" tries to improve his chances of getting laid.
6/5/17 2:47 AM