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Heru Kane There is but one thing to do when a business man sees two sweet innocent missionaries walking Folsom Street Fair, to make them his! 7/11/18 8:34 PM
Sir Skinny The new Thor actor gets the body for his new role, but it's more work than he had anticipated 3/26/18 2:56 PM
ChaoticDjinn It seems that some people aren't happy with just one wish. 11/14/17 2:07 PM
GrowingGeek A scorned lover looks for counselling on his failing marriage, and gets more than he bargained for 9/2/17 8:55 AM
The Flesh Lab Another client achieves his dream of getting big and hung with help from the Flesh Lab 5/25/17 3:06 AM A young man returns to his apartment, unaware that what happened to his roommate is about to happen to him... 5/15/17 1:15 AM
LoakaChunk You'd think ancient sorcerers would have something better to do than to crash frat parties, transform a poor unsuspecting frat boy into a big-assed, big titted bottom bitch, and conjure an almost gang bang in the basement. Ah well. 5/3/17 1:33 PM
Sieg A man takes up being an amateur pornstar to earn some quick cash, but he may be in for more than he bargained for! 3/21/17 1:21 AM
bleuboy A mysterious businessman acquires the most curious of subjects. 3/4/17 4:22 AM
Baralai Hector wants to start a gaming channel but not the type he thought 12/7/16 9:54 PM
Heru Kane With a new boss comes the new experience of becoming a part of a group. 11/5/16 9:05 PM
Lenny Chemistry Student Uses experimenal supplements on Housing mates and body changes happen 8/17/16 3:11 AM
restrixxxion 6/26/16 1:37 PM
tomozco Neil continues with his conquest of new slaves by taking over the staff of Omar Hadid's business: Hadid Imports Co. Ltd. 5/19/16 10:38 PM
Dutchutch The band's first show leaves it marks on the staff of the concert hall 4/8/16 10:23 PM
bleuboy Four immortal and magical beings hailing from different eras in time have a lot of fun toying with the mortal men of New York City. 1/28/16 5:04 AM
Will Topping Mike's life begins to change after his girlfriend posts nude pics of him on a photo-sharing site 12/3/15 5:06 PM
Mesi Jake tries to set things right and make everyone satisfied 11/29/15 5:08 AM
JasCo Martin was at the end of his rope and just wanted his mind to be switched off for a little while. 8/7/15 4:09 AM
think.big Daniel connects with Jake again, using the Third Eye to Push him some more. 6/19/15 3:16 PM
Anonymous Stephen goes to Montana ... (Revised Story) 9/3/14 6:23 PM
the guardsman a PR film about a special courier service company. 8/21/14 1:20 PM
the guardsman Even gay guardsman have to serve superior woman. A short sojourn. 4/26/14 5:10 AM
the guardsman The first day of training 4/22/14 1:54 PM
Anonymous As written by the people of NCMC 11/13/13 7:00 PM
The Slaver Coach Gordon thinks he’s the Alpha Male on campus, but Coach Thascales thinks otherwise. 6/1/13 8:00 PM
Baralai The house doesn't take demands very well 1/31/13 7:00 PM
You Wish! We diverge from the genie portion of the story to explore a different area of magic... Thingy... 1/28/13 7:00 PM
Albatross and NCMC readers A continuation of the previous wikis. 6/12/12 8:00 PM
Baralai A room full of fairy tales. What could happen? 3/14/12 8:00 PM