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MCBrain Carlos is a good Christian boy who wants nothing more than to lead a good, fulfilling life. He hopes that the Church at his new college will help him find his place... 9/15/18 11:53 AM
PupScout The firemen at the station are a close group of guys. They're about to become even closer as a primal, bestial, horned up pack for their Masters. 7/3/18 7:26 PM
Zeke My real life story 6/23/18 3:15 AM
ChaoticDjinn The newest frat member isn't shy about things is he? 6/16/18 8:41 PM
ChaoticDjinn More beer, more better. 6/15/18 2:15 PM
pienistheIV Max has found the perfect man - but then, Antonin thinks the same thing... 6/14/18 5:42 PM
TickledPink Piggy in the Middle or Blind Man's Butt would also have been acceptable. 6/11/18 8:47 AM
Stroppy Author conclusion: an I.T.Worker joins a gym and his brother comes to find him 6/6/18 2:51 PM
Tattcub Well, James may have made a little error in judgement somewhere along the lines. 6/2/18 10:09 PM
SneakyT A university lecturer notices a new student, but doesn't notice the changes until it's too late. 6/2/18 6:35 AM
Tkhon A man inherits a farm and really starts to get in to the cowboy lifestyle 5/26/18 12:51 AM
Willie Cici Kurt and Luke arrived at their friend Chad's pool party. Things did not turn out as they expected . . . 5/23/18 3:56 AM
Tom Gungy A squad is sent to investigate a base gone dark with no intel. 5/17/18 2:08 AM
Hypnocigarboy Frank meets up with a younger man into leather, and both share a very interesting sexual experience. 5/10/18 1:31 AM
M. Greene The bad and the good... 3/28/18 1:01 PM
M. Greene Church and State... 3/26/18 11:27 AM
M. Greene Belial needs a blacksmith... 3/20/18 8:18 PM
M. Greene A powerful demon re-enters the world... 3/16/18 11:53 AM
M. Greene A glimpse into 22nd century society... 2/28/18 2:14 PM
M. Greene Our future lives? 2/25/18 10:03 AM
M. Greene Axel gets close to Neville 2/16/18 9:14 AM
M. Greene Sven's story 2/15/18 9:39 PM
M. Greene Tyrese Diamond tightens his grip... 2/12/18 5:20 PM
M. Greene A coup d'etat... 2/9/18 10:37 AM
M. Greene A new state is born... 2/3/18 9:55 AM
Willie Cici The bond between and Daddy and his boy . . . 2/2/18 7:29 PM
Galao Andrew finds himself in a porno. (Un)luckily he can't seem to escape it. 12/27/17 5:03 AM
Curiosity Santa's elves receive a mysterious gift that changes them 12/23/17 2:05 AM
Baralai A young man works off his debt at the more unusual farm 11/27/17 10:14 PM
ChaoticDjinn Gyms are often the place where wishes become reality given enough time and hard work;However, there's one in particular that seems to deliver at lightning speed. 10/2/17 8:12 PM