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Author Name Published
Martin Conny, our young protagonist, had just been reborn as a sex toy. This is first day and first night, and it turns out, that toys tend to play with themselves during the night... 8/13/18 8:49 PM
Willie Cici A day to spend near the water's edge proves life changing . . . 7/12/18 5:11 PM
Martin Our hero is changed - into a mannequin and sex toy. And his former friend has a lot of fun with him. 6/25/18 1:31 PM
MSTGay3000 Connor and Eric take a trip to a familiar stomping ground to meet an old friend. But things won't ever be the same again. 6/24/18 11:27 PM
Willie Cici The relationships we form aren't always what we envision . . . 2/20/18 4:55 AM
TickledPink Dev works at a company. His job is boring, and he spends a lot of time playing mobile games. This new one he plays almost constantly, it's almost as though he can't stop his hands. 2/19/18 1:25 PM
FictionalLover Derrick has enough of being bullied so he created a device to get revenge on them, starting with his brother. 1/6/18 8:28 AM
MSTGay3000 Detective Kirk Ogleson is in for the experience of his life as he sets foot into the mysterious home of Dr. Wegner for the first time. A prequel. 10/24/17 7:30 AM
MSTGay3000 Connor and Eric put on a show. 9/17/17 10:50 PM
MSTGay3000 Two jocks take shelter at an eccentric's mansion during a storm. 9/11/17 11:17 AM
MSTGay3000 Andy meets Xilf, the source of all his timey wimey power. He puts the pen to use on a couple of irksome missionaries at his front door. 9/5/17 12:16 PM
z119z Jack learns the hard way what not to do during an orals exams. 9/17/16 10:17 AM
Q reality and fantasy are not the same when a guy invents a remote control 4/30/16 4:42 PM
Gayborhood Two bored boys play with a machine which transmits physical sensations between people. 1/21/14 7:00 PM
Kota The story ends and all is revealed... 1/19/13 7:00 PM
Kaganame Tanner's in for a solocity of weirdness before bed. 2/19/11 7:00 PM
Dogslife Alan gets drugged by his three neighbours 9/4/10 8:00 PM
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