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Author Name Published
College21Guy Van sets the next part of his plan in motion 9/9/18 6:36 AM
College21Guy Van puts a new plan in motion and notices a change in himself 8/5/18 6:38 AM
Baralai An evil pharma company tries a new drug on a meddling cop 12/23/15 1:42 AM
tomozco Neil needs to take care of the bratty neighbour that got too nosy 10/31/15 6:18 AM
Hypnotic Subjugation Sam finds himself blackmailed by Jamie as Dr. Smith takes over the minds of his team mates 6/9/15 4:40 AM
Philip Faras Arrogant jock gets transformed into an unwilling cock whore 3/1/15 8:48 PM
AgainstMyWill A pharmaceutical company demonstrates to a senator their latest pheromone reprogramming technology. 9/22/13 8:00 PM
Andy Robson Sophomore gym jock Adam Lomas learns what is like to be blackmailed, humiliated and enslaved. 4/18/13 8:00 PM
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