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Roles all around Italy have been redefined, in extreme characterture like ways
9/5/18 8:34 PM
A bodybuilder gets a makeover from his smaller boyfriend.
8/16/18 12:48 PM
Cris Kane
Jackie and Davey make a detour, while the Malltarts are in for a surprise at their favorite club.
8/14/17 12:06 AM
Willie Cici
Even in the Valley of Death, there are consequences . . .
5/16/17 7:27 PM 5/15/17 1:15 AM
A man kidnapped off the street and subjected to bizarre scientific experiments... just another day in the paranormally kinky College Town of Vixen's Run
2/27/17 5:22 AM
Jason's visit to his friend's cabin in the woods results in a new outlook and a new body.
9/20/16 1:23 AM
Cris Kane
Six weeks later, most of the gang reconvenes for another poker game.
9/6/16 3:46 AM
xORRiNx 5/17/16 1:27 AM
Blank Rasa
Mark gets a letter telling him how the world has changed, and how he's changed with it
2/25/16 2:28 AM
mw-scot (CodyTaylorNYC)
The team help out their Bat Boy by giving him a supplement to help bulking up...
1/25/16 10:39 PM
Overnight Ryan's desires change Charlie and Tyler's personalities and bodies in strange, unexpected ways
7/17/15 9:45 PM
A straight web cam tease receives a special gift from a viewer
6/1/15 7:18 PM
Gavin helps Rick find the perfect job as a construction worker, with a large twist
1/23/14 7:00 PM
Tyrannosaurus Sex
Frank wants to be a professional bodybuilder, but a new treatment has unexpected effects.
12/27/11 7:00 PM
Albatross and NCMC readers 8/28/11 8:00 PM
After an encounter in the dance club toilets, a man becomes a boi toy along with anyone around him.
4/2/11 8:00 PM
Sunfiregod + Killerwhale Zeus 4/27/06 8:00 PM
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