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Belti 10/19/18 5:39 PM
Three friends from different worlds and jobs, share a common passion once a week together.
10/14/18 2:51 PM
John decides that it's time David had a less stressful life
9/19/18 9:39 PM
A newlywed couple in their late-thirties and early-forties explore the best of what the Highlands have to offer with the help of their rugged tour guide, Mark.
1/5/18 4:28 AM
Just a standard evening between a group of friends, playing some video games, bantering around, checking out a website that turns their pictures into those of bearded, hirsute men in fetish gear... wait what?
12/9/17 1:14 AM
Phil receives a text from someone he never expected to hear from again, and starts a journey that would change his life.
11/30/17 10:02 AM
Father and son notice that their next door neighbors are missing. Could these big, bearded, cigar smoking men that they've been seeing in the neighborhood recently have anything to do with it?
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8/5/17 3:23 PM
An otherworldly visitor gives Tom something to dream about.
7/28/17 3:42 PM
A college student discovers that a weekend out in the country can have very transformative effects!
7/22/17 8:14 PM
webb025 7/14/17 1:02 PM
Certain bitchy twink has a forceful change of heart after running into one of his old suitors.
7/3/17 6:17 PM
The Flesh Lab 5/23/17 3:54 PM
The Flesh Lab 5/22/17 3:30 PM
Two guys have an unfortunate encounter with a strange creature.
5/3/17 4:47 AM
Viking Zombie Boyfriend
A modern-day American man is forcibly acclimated to Victorian London.
12/30/16 4:10 AM
Viking Zombie Boyfriend
Errol's boyfriend will do whatever it takes to save their relationship, no matter the cost... to Errol.
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12/29/16 4:36 PM
Viking Zombie Boyfriend
Pretty boy Dean learns it doesn't always pay to buy off-brand hair care products.
12/4/16 7:39 PM
Viking Zombie Boyfriend
A mind controller tells his latest victim exactly what he's going to do to him.
12/2/16 7:52 PM
Viking Zombie Boyfriend
A hard-partying bro-dude winds up as the center of attention at a very strange get-together.
12/1/16 11:59 PM
Cris Kane
Six weeks later, most of the gang reconvenes for another poker game.
9/6/16 3:46 AM
Cris Kane
As the night winds down, three of the guys recuperate from their fight, while things become romantic for the other three.
9/1/16 5:01 AM
Cris Kane
The poker buddies head out into the world in their transformed bodies, while Dalton decides to change himself some more.
8/16/16 1:50 AM
A bearded couple go to a gay-friendly barber shop for just trim. Things take an interesting turn
6/5/16 12:57 AM
This is the final part to New Life for Cooper. The story will continue with the story of Ivan's Barbershop.
5/27/16 6:35 AM
Mesi 5/24/16 1:15 AM
A Magic Lamp falls into a young man's hands. Can he keep a hold of it?
4/27/16 5:40 AM
The conclusion of Greg and John's tale, as Kevin tries to pull them apart forever. Will love or lust win? Or maybe both?
4/15/16 5:30 AM
Joe takes Matt Brody back to the Club hoping they will be returned to normal. A new life however awaits them. Keywords: gaining, belly, age progression,hypnosis, bald, hairy, pipe, smoking.
7/28/15 10:55 AM
The state has mandated that all men undergo a re-orientation. Our protagonist recounts his experience.
6/25/15 7:26 PM
A young man mistakes an advertisement he gets in the post, which leads to some major changes. Keywords are: transformation, straight to gay, aging, age progression, gaining, bald/balding
6/5/15 9:35 AM