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ChaoticDjinn 11/18/18 12:35 AM
A mysterious program holds the offer of changing Todd's life forever
10/14/18 5:10 PM
Chad's girlfriend finds a doll that really starts changing him...for the better
10/13/18 10:11 PM
Granite Concept
Shane and Mitchell are roommates, but they never get along. Sometimes Shane wishes his roommate could be different, and one night he casts a spell asking for just that. Little do the two men know, black magic has some dire consequences...
10/3/18 6:33 AM
Ryan decided to take advantage of the most famous people in town!
6/19/18 12:15 PM
Tom Gungy
A military squad was instructed to intercept a package, though none of theme bothered to ask why. It's not until it arrived at the base that it occurred to them they should've.
5/17/18 2:02 AM
A newlywed couple in their late-thirties and early-forties explore the best of what the Highlands have to offer with the help of their rugged tour guide, Mark.
1/5/18 4:28 AM
Santa's elves receive a mysterious gift that changes them
12/23/17 2:05 AM
It's not gambling if you're sure you're going to win, right?
Category missing
10/24/17 9:44 PM
Richard Davis is hapless, college student looking to get close to a cute new student named Wally. The only problem he doesn't seem interested. A serendipitous set of circumstances lead Rich to Mr. Lee's Shop leading to unexpected happiness.
6/23/17 3:28 AM
A young man looking for a new beginning is granted just that when he insults an older man at a gas station
3/25/17 4:19 PM
A young man who accepts a job at a museum undergoes vast changes
2/23/17 10:21 PM
Tank has to hire some new employees, and finds potential in two of them
2/7/17 2:45 PM
Tanker11 1/29/17 9:45 AM
Things start to change with the dudes, but they aren't complaining.
1/26/17 12:29 PM
Viking Zombie Boyfriend
Pretty boy Dean learns it doesn't always pay to buy off-brand hair care products.
12/4/16 7:39 PM
Viking Zombie Boyfriend
A mind controller tells his latest victim exactly what he's going to do to him.
12/2/16 7:52 PM
A man at the end of his rope seeks purpose, when it walks into his life in a small diner in Texas
11/18/16 12:39 PM
Eugene is made by his wife to become the first male inspector of the rubber clad Guard...
11/13/16 12:36 PM
Cris Kane 8/8/16 9:09 PM
Sarkaros 7/20/16 9:17 PM
Sarkaros 7/19/16 4:09 AM
A prison is transferred to a high-tech research lab to begin his rehabilitation.
1/26/16 9:07 PM
Jason finds out what his captor has planned for him
11/22/15 11:28 AM
Joe takes Matt Brody back to the Club hoping they will be returned to normal. A new life however awaits them. Keywords: gaining, belly, age progression,hypnosis, bald, hairy, pipe, smoking.
7/28/15 10:55 AM
A young man mistakes an advertisement he gets in the post, which leads to some major changes. Keywords are: transformation, straight to gay, aging, age progression, gaining, bald/balding
6/5/15 9:35 AM
033 is released from training and goes home to met with his family
3/22/15 5:37 AM
the guardsman 1/7/15 11:17 AM
Cooper is no longer the focus of the mysterious Barber. It now looks like his flatmate will be totally transformed.
11/10/14 1:55 AM
A young man is transformed into what he mocks. Contains age progression, balding and weight gain
8/10/14 7:06 AM