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tomozco Ron encounters a stranger on the train one evening and starts developing some strange unknown cravings since then... 9/11/18 5:35 AM
Stroppy Author Two Rugby players rent rooms from a T.A. 7/26/18 3:41 AM
Willie Cici Rob needs to find a new job. The employment agency sends him to an interview, a man who demands that Rob sign a confidentiality agreement . . . 7/8/18 9:46 PM
EdIam Larry wants to think for Zack. 7/4/18 7:43 AM
Willie Cici Bud Larson wants to sign with the team of his childhood dreams . . . 4/26/18 4:41 AM
Londongear A business deal ends badly. Or does it? 2/27/18 9:41 PM
z119z The best cure for a sore muscle is a good massage. 1/10/18 2:17 PM
Martin A guy full of inhibitions and phobias is looking for a way to open up to his desires... But he might get much more than he ever expected! 12/30/17 12:23 AM
koruichi An average joe has an encounter with a strange sound at the gym, and the man who's making it. 11/19/17 8:06 AM
EdIam Paul has decided to put his long career as a hypnotist to bed...along with many of the new local men he's meeting. 11/10/17 5:59 PM
MSTGay3000 Two jocks take shelter at an eccentric's mansion during a storm. 9/11/17 11:17 AM
Hypnothrill The hot new band Dr0n3s plays a festival set that's absolutely enthralling... 8/5/17 5:40 AM
Hypnothrill The hot new band Dr0n3s plays a festival set that's absolutely enthralling... 8/1/17 4:56 AM
Hypnothrill The hot new band Dr0n3s plays a festival set that's absolutely enthralling... 7/29/17 5:40 AM
Hypnothrill The historic Guthrie Building is being converted into a soulless, hollowed-out version of itself. A group of local protesters is about to learn exactly how that feels. 6/28/17 2:08 AM
EdIam Six very different students are chosen by their professor to take part in an experiment. 6/13/17 11:57 PM
Hypnothrill In a time of economic crisis, Britain turns to its greatest renewable resource: fucking Englishmen 6/6/17 1:44 AM
JMT Listen to the music ... and do what it says ... 6/4/17 3:47 AM
Writer Not every man will become a slave of Infotech. Some men was sold at auction years ago without even knowing it. 5/19/17 10:56 AM A rock climber is hired by UFO hunters to find Aliens on the Area 51 firing range. But why is the Army not bothering to stop them? An d why are there goat droppings half way up an un-climbable cliff 5/1/17 8:23 PM
Writer A short addition to the series. Introduction to the villain. [Pictures now working] 4/20/17 5:38 PM
Hypnothrill Tim is bothered by the renovations to his dorm....and the shirtless construction workers...and the strange music they're playing... 4/6/17 4:12 AM
Writer Boyfriends Carl and Scott have their minds taken over 3/29/17 7:06 PM
Writer Eric's mind is taken over by the popular yet mysterious earpieces. (Inspired by Dr. Who). 3/25/17 6:16 PM
JasCo Another day. Another hotel. Another Hot Husband behaving badly. 3/4/17 12:58 PM
AnotherMeekOne Ricky awakens in an unknown place, and learns to change his tune. Meanwhile, the first trap is sprung. 3/4/17 5:18 AM
Hypnothrill There's something different about the construction site today. Maybe it's the new music the foreman is playing... 2/28/17 3:59 AM A man kidnapped off the street and subjected to bizarre scientific experiments... just another day in the paranormally kinky College Town of Vixen's Run 2/27/17 5:22 AM
Hypnothrill Scotty wins a free trip to Hawaii. On the way, he gets an extra gift... 2/18/17 9:19 AM
Hypnothrill Welcome to Plainview, a town where it is proper for men to be naked and hard... 1/18/17 4:09 AM