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Tha Avnanizeis
Dave gets to hear more about Bobby’s team and play with his new toy
8/25/19 4:52 PM
Rayden Greywolf
Three members of the resistance are captured and "re-educated"
8/23/19 6:16 AM
Scotty tries on a pair of briefs meant for his roommate, an Instagram influencer. Soon Scotty's the one being influenced...
8/20/19 1:58 PM
DickSlave 8/17/19 7:58 AM
I've spent my life wanting to serve. Now I have no choice
8/16/19 4:51 AM
Two college students try to convince their teacher that publicity cannot influence them
8/11/19 6:21 PM
Willie Cici
Leo tries a new toy on his sister's boyfriend . . .
8/8/19 4:58 PM
Two resort employees improve their attitudes significantly after following a special program
8/7/19 9:49 PM
A man takes advantage of the side-effects of the pills of a student to whom he rents his extra room
8/7/19 9:48 PM
Drugged chocolates make a man's grocery boy very compliant
8/7/19 5:38 PM
An intense spiritual experience allows a man to take control of his lawn boy
8/7/19 5:37 PM
Two student movers are offered special wine
8/7/19 6:11 AM
Willie Cici
A young man's life changes, all because he agreed to an experiment . . .
8/6/19 4:13 PM
Willie Cici
Brad, Ben's brother, needs some help. Ben can't refuse his brother or can he?
8/4/19 10:01 PM
A Twisted Tale in which Andy never gave his toys away
8/4/19 2:44 PM
Mike and I go on a shopping adventure to update his look.
7/30/19 5:45 AM
Willie Cici
Jay gets transferred to another station house . . .
7/28/19 8:29 PM
Willie Cici
A good deed sometimes turns a profit . . .
7/28/19 8:21 PM
Collins aquires a new position as the Town Mayor.
7/23/19 10:40 PM
Willie Cici
Reno needed a new cell phone. He had to have the latest . . .
7/23/19 5:48 AM
Willie Cici
Mario's agent wants to send him on a special assignment . . .
7/21/19 11:01 PM
The wrestling team comes under the power of Master Mike into their new lives as hole eaters
7/19/19 8:12 PM
A father wants his son to listen, the son wants him to loosen up. They both get their wish.
7/18/19 8:33 AM
Willie Cici
Nate was finally living the life he wanted . . . or was he?
7/17/19 4:52 PM
Changing the world, one pair of underwear at a time.
7/14/19 9:27 AM
Willie Cici
His friend, Rick, found a sugar momma to pay his bills. Why couldn't Jack?
7/13/19 7:14 PM
Jake has some fun with his boys
7/13/19 6:02 AM
Quin Rock
While enjoying a gap year after college, Chris offers to let his friend Billy move in. Chris takes the opportunity to remake their relationship using mind control.
7/9/19 11:00 AM
Willie Cici
Seth has a potential new client. His client has his sights higher than a new agent . . .
7/6/19 7:00 PM
Chris meets Josh and they have the time of their lives. And Chris has to make an important desicion...
7/4/19 7:19 PM