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I have to deliver a strip tease, made worse by the panties, then I have a 'date' with Chris's feet
8/5/20 10:11 PM
8/1/20 10:48 AM
Xander isn't sure why his friend Rob is acting so strange. After they eat at Duke's Diner, he'll soon find out.
7/29/20 10:20 AM
2428 words
7/28/20 8:47 AM
Hi guys! My name is Cameron. Join me as I document my adventures around the globe with nothing but my backpack!
7/26/20 11:29 PM
Three friends on a roadtrip spend the night in the small Southern town of Dicksburg. Will they ever want to leave?
7/26/20 2:09 PM
The series entail how a college teen takes down the men in his life.
7/24/20 3:36 PM
Everything that goes up goes down, the higher you get the more it hurts when you fall and remembers the ones you stepped on when you were up. Social media is dangerous.
7/22/20 6:24 AM
A worried overprotecting father trusts a nice neighbor...
7/15/20 8:51 PM
Dennis gets a more hands on experience with an avatar, never giving Jese a proper chance to consider if he truly wants this...
7/15/20 7:55 AM