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The Editor tries out more subtle approach, will he succeed?
9/15/19 5:57 AM
Mark gambles everything to build his dream house. Little does he know his Builder, Bill, wants to build something else entirely...
9/12/19 10:41 AM
Elan Musk
Ryan discover's a new part of himself on his 18th birthday, and it soon becomes the only part that matters. The part that needs to stick his hard jock cock in his own Daddy's hole.
8/22/19 11:06 AM
Jonah is the test subject of a student's research in hypnosis. The campus won't be the same after this.
8/21/19 11:59 AM
Max Potter 8/19/19 5:02 AM
Max Potter
More lessons, I sign my life away and take a fall.
8/19/19 5:01 AM
The arrival of our brown hero's son leads to big changes in their lives, all engineered by the redneck neighbors.
8/17/19 10:48 AM
I lose control of my freewill, and my wallet
8/17/19 7:58 AM
Big changes are in the horizon for our brown hero, who comes to accept his life's purpose
8/15/19 2:31 PM
Our brown hero falls into his redneck neighbor's trap and makes a grave mistake.
8/13/19 3:23 PM
A brown man in Florida goes to his redneck neighbors house for dinner and has an interesting experience.
8/11/19 12:35 PM
Max Potter 8/3/19 7:31 AM
Max Potter 8/3/19 7:31 AM
Nicky Noxville
Mark can't avoid going to class any longer, and he arrives just in time to assist Mr Sparrow with a very special demonstration.
8/1/19 10:23 PM
Evan just needs some mental clarity, but his boyfriend wants him living in a fog.
7/30/19 5:47 AM
Just a handshake between two men
7/29/19 6:59 PM
When Corey downloads the hot new face-morphing app, his life begins to change...
7/29/19 7:28 AM
Max Potter 7/26/19 9:54 AM
When Corey downloads the hot new face-morphing app, his life begins to change...
7/22/19 11:25 AM
Ethan White
After a year of mindless slutting around, Ensign Aaron Whelk finds himself in Captain Cain Woodward’s quarters, where he regains the best parts of his old self, and keeps all the best parts of his new self.
7/21/19 8:27 AM
Bob cannot resist and goes back to the club once more
7/19/19 3:40 PM
Ethan White
Bacchus Boulevard is a place of desire and indulgence. Brian Hummer is looking to buy himself a slave boy contract, but a series of unfortunate events makes it more difficult than intended.
7/17/19 8:16 AM
The doctor takes his creation to a fetish bar to secure another slave.
7/17/19 8:16 AM
Bob forgets about the newly inked slave boi and that is a dangerous thing
7/15/19 4:53 AM
Max Potter 7/12/19 11:10 AM
Max Potter 7/12/19 11:10 AM
Baldwizzard 7/12/19 11:09 AM
An ordinary man has some extraordinary fantasies. He know they will never come true, but can you be sure?
7/9/19 10:55 AM
Max Potter 7/5/19 9:00 AM
Max Potter 7/5/19 5:28 AM