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Lan gives Thor the space and the pleasure to truly and deeply submit and start to become something new.
5/30/20 7:33 PM
Dr. Taron Burns has to teach a second year liberal arts course in order to satisfy the terms of his tenure. This year, he's talking about gender roles and how they help and hinder progress in broader human society. Only, something strange is happening: his class is shrinking. He doesn't know what to make of the jockboys that stay in his class, but the way they look at him is _distracting_.
5/23/20 8:55 PM
5/23/20 2:33 PM
5/22/20 9:31 PM
5/21/20 5:26 PM
5/20/20 5:52 PM
Lan takes Thor to bed to advance his submissive tendencies
5/17/20 9:46 PM
5/16/20 11:21 AM
5/15/20 9:36 PM
5/13/20 2:26 PM