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Willie Cici
Jordan returns from vacation with a gift for his roommate . . .
1/8/16 7:22 PM
Mr.Dick 12/22/15 6:27 AM
An afternoon of punishment at the feet of my master...
11/19/15 1:54 AM
Willie Cici
Greg Anderson was in a rut. It was time for a change . . .
11/11/15 5:17 PM
The Penthouse, and it's owner, need their plumbing attended to
7/23/15 11:27 PM
Young men must got through a unique application process to live in his building
7/14/15 4:08 AM
Baralai 7/9/15 4:42 PM
Willie Cici
Master Jack's plaything has certain rules to follow - - -
6/21/15 4:22 PM
A new careers advisor at Coopers college gathers customers for Ivan's Barbershop of horrors.
6/4/15 1:53 AM
Willie Cici
Mac receives a invitation for a special auction - - -
5/10/15 1:09 AM
Piko 4/24/15 7:19 PM
wishbone blue
Professional jealousy brings Jim - and Lucas - their greatest conquests yet.
4/17/15 5:47 AM
wishbone blue 4/5/15 6:24 AM
wishbone blue 3/25/15 11:49 PM
Tom and Pat learn the hard way why you should never buy cheap technology from strange Psych professors,,,
2/7/15 11:41 AM
Brad's friends and family are gung-ho for a new gym and video game--will he be next?
1/17/15 7:16 PM
Growing Interest
With his powers seemingly exhausted, our narrator recruits help to keep Chase in his place.
1/12/15 1:34 AM
Flash stories depicting five different careers, but only one vocation: mind-controlled drone
1/11/15 6:21 PM
(En español). De como la palabra es la clave del perdón.
1/10/15 10:19 AM
(En español). De cómo la música en el walkman puede ser altamente hipnótica.
1/9/15 2:31 PM
A vampire begins training his newly acquired thrall
12/24/14 8:41 PM
Growing Interest
Our narrator expands Chase’s hell beyond his home, Chase’s new wardrobe beyond the one jockstrap, and Chase’s virgin asshole beyond its normal size.
12/12/14 3:40 PM
The Master helps Connor become 12.
12/12/14 7:38 AM
Zero reuintes with Miles
12/9/14 4:25 AM
Growing Interest
While Chase loses his property and his dignity, our narrator takes possession of his new condo and his new boy.
12/4/14 5:48 PM
Willie Cici
The boys vacation during the Winter Break in a Caribbean paradise. Or do they?
12/4/14 12:08 AM
Willie Cici
A nosy detective comes to learn that the Stud Farm is a great place.
12/1/14 12:09 AM
Growing Interest
Chase, a narcissistic cheater and sadistic rapist, has a life-changing run-in with a man who has a penchant for mind control, fitting punishments, and long-term chastity.
11/29/14 3:38 PM
Willie Cici
Sky's dorm buddies learn about his new line of work.
11/28/14 4:48 PM
Willie Cici
TJ spills the beans about Sky being his roommate.
11/25/14 11:49 PM