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The first day of school is always the hardest.
7/3/20 10:09 AM
7687 words
Dave wants to be the perfect guy for his soulmate.
6/29/20 8:11 PM
A day in the life of London’s hardest working policeman. Set in [and heavily inspired by] the post-apocalyptic universe of Xavier Hick’s Carriers and Donors / Bill Drake’s Cornell-TX on
6/26/20 9:42 PM
A professor moves out to a distant research post- but he learns much more than science.
6/6/20 5:24 AM
6570 words
Dave takes Nate to meet his parents. The nervous guy sees this as an opportunity to seek answers.
6/1/20 6:44 AM
A puny nerd slowly takes his sport jock roommate’s free will with his pheromones before taking his muscles too !
5/26/20 9:06 PM
Interdimensional travelers Scott and Xander have been imprisoned in a world populated by muscle-bound men who rely on a drug called Rationall to prevent themselves from falling into a state of uncontrollable sexual desire. Due to the so-called "Blending Effect," our travelers have given new meaning to the phrase "going native" . . .
5/24/20 8:34 AM
Fucking Terry's piggy hole has changed Jax's outlook on the best things to breed. Shifting his allegiance from girls and their pussy's to boys and their holes. It is not a revelation one keeps to oneself.
5/18/20 2:15 AM
A young man is drawn to a mysterious ad online and feels compelled to meet the one who posted it. Little does he know this is the first step down a path of obedience, servitude, and a lifetime of blissful depravity.
5/7/20 5:59 AM
1051 words
Mike gets home to find some guy in his couch with a persuasive smell coming from his feet.
5/5/20 7:51 AM