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JockBoy 11/4/18 9:17 AM
A mysterious program holds the offer of changing Todd's life forever
10/14/18 5:10 PM
Chad's girlfriend finds a doll that really starts changing him...for the better
10/13/18 10:11 PM
Willie Cici
Connor never imagined his life would change -- all because of his girlfriend . . . .
10/5/18 4:39 AM
The symbiote has reunited with Eddie Brock but making Eddie a lot more horny. The urge to bond with Peter, the urge to bond with men, to rule all men entire earth.
10/1/18 2:44 PM
Willie Cici
Stranded and shipwrecked, six men land on a deserted island . . .
9/17/18 6:29 PM
The man struck out in his search for a speedo, but if at first you don't succeed...
9/10/18 12:49 PM
Roles all around Italy have been redefined, in extreme characterture like ways
9/5/18 8:34 PM
Willie Cici
Tommy can't stand to see his friends unhappy. He has a selfish solution . . .
8/25/18 8:18 PM
As the game finally comes to an end what will each boy choose? Stay in Heaven? Or go back to Earth?
8/13/18 1:01 PM
Polite Pig
A college student needs a new roommate and ends up with a new life.
8/12/18 6:43 PM
The game finally pushes Ash to his breaking lint and beyond.
7/26/18 5:24 PM
Willie Cici
Jason found himself in a different world but one that he knew he belonged . . .
7/25/18 5:51 PM
Tony found himself in a peculiar situation at work.
7/23/18 11:53 AM
Round brings about small changes for three of the boys, Ash begins to loose himself to the game.
7/22/18 11:05 PM
As the game continues the friends begin to relate to each other in new ways.
7/18/18 4:42 AM
As the game continues we see just how deep some of the changes go and learn a dark aspect about one of the boys.
7/16/18 12:49 PM
Four friends who are stuck inside during a long thunderstorm discover a mysterious game when the power goes out. What surprises does the game have in store for them?
7/16/18 12:52 AM
Willie Cici
A day to spend near the water's edge proves life changing . . .
7/12/18 5:11 PM
Willie Cici
Daniel takes advantage of the warm weather and decides to go for an early evening job in nearby Central Park . . .
7/8/18 9:28 PM
Willie Cici
Trent spends the weekend at his friend Cary's home in Santa Barbara. He did not understand why all the guys were wearing those damn speedos . . . .
7/3/18 4:14 AM
Willie Cici
Eric finds refuge in the woods . . .
7/3/18 3:56 AM
An officer takes advantage of a prisoner, or at least he thinks he does.
6/27/18 6:20 AM
Ryan had a sweet time with his father, and his father's father.
6/24/18 5:10 AM
Ryan decided to take advantage of the most famous people in town!
6/19/18 12:15 PM
Wesley Bracken
Trey is Changing, and losing his ability to relate to the City around him. A stranger tries to help him resist it, but the City is old, its magic strange, and consequences can be dire.
6/19/18 5:41 AM
Willie Cici
Eli beds the wrong woman. His life will never be the same . . .
6/19/18 3:01 AM
Ryan reunites himself with his first crush and his first crush's son.
6/16/18 1:50 PM
Ryan has gotten a strange email that seems to be spam at first glance.
6/13/18 9:14 AM
Willie Cici
Raif's girlfriend forces him to attend a pool party. She promises it will be unbelievable . . .
5/19/18 6:58 PM