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6/4/16 9:45 AM
[Darker Theme] Matt’s new girlfriend doesn’t like him spending so much time with his gay best friend Logan so she figures out a way to get Matt acting more ‘conservatively.’
6/2/16 6:35 PM
Un homófobo de clase alta recibe una inspección sorpresa mientras espera a su hijo para cenar.
5/29/16 9:57 PM
Duncan settles into his new body after the reality changes.
5/1/16 4:57 PM
Be careful when using the latest round of updates.
4/21/16 2:20 PM
4/8/16 10:23 PM
4/7/16 6:58 PM
two young college guys are called to meet with a tv producer, who has big plans for them
4/7/16 12:26 AM
Duncan waits for the Reverse Blend to start working, but Cam is acting a little strange.
3/26/16 4:20 PM
Tom is the world's best quarterback. When he fails to help out his wife's ex, another football player, there will be hell to pay.
3/6/16 4:40 PM
Duncan wakes up older and even heavier, and finally realizes that the coffee is responsible
3/2/16 9:57 PM
Duncan wakes up to a different, heavier body, but he still needs to show up at work for his presentation.
2/23/16 12:43 PM
Duncan finds a coffee shop that serves the best coffee he's ever had. Unbeknownst to him, coffee isn't the only thing that 'Coffee Fix' sells.
2/22/16 10:13 AM
Part 2 of our story: Our hero, Mike, finds his physical changes are coming faster...
2/3/16 7:22 PM
Vince waits for his college acceptance letter. Overnight, Dexter, another guy living down the street, gets his hands on something that allows him to warp reality. Vince, and everyone else, will never be the same.
12/30/15 4:02 PM
Seth's boyfriend Dom gets a wishing rock. While Seth's at school, Dom uses the rock on Seth's homo-uncomfortable father.
12/26/15 5:05 PM
Mike's life begins to change after his girlfriend posts nude pics of him on a photo-sharing site
12/3/15 5:06 PM
The final chapter of The Change, are there any happily ever afters?
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10/30/15 6:02 PM
"Your mother would have called me your guardian angel, but you're right about her wearing rose-colored glasses."
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10/13/15 2:37 PM
The big fight of the gods is here, will Pete, Byron and Namkuzu be able to stop it?
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10/12/15 6:35 PM
What a guy thinks up in his mind becomes reality
9/13/15 10:18 PM
8/4/15 1:38 AM
we meet the leader of the Fundamentalists as The Change finally approaches
7/26/15 1:46 AM
we learn what life is like with the Fundamentalists
7/16/15 9:55 PM
Prim walks the universe and Pete visits Jack
6/10/15 10:38 PM
Xiu and Pete go to a meeting with the Omnimart Board of Directors and Regina Kelly has her own meeting.
6/2/15 12:21 AM
5/30/15 12:13 PM
Pete finds out how difficult it is to refuse a God. We learn about what happened when the Balance awoke and also what's been going on with Regina Kelly.
5/20/15 12:32 AM
Pete finally finds out why he is so important to the Coven and Byron gets punished. We also meet another member of the Coven.
5/7/15 10:16 AM
We learn about Pete's first weeks working with Byron and about the history of the First Gods.
4/19/15 11:40 PM