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A man is about to get a new position at his job
1/3/17 9:29 AM
Viking Zombie Boyfriend
A modern-day American man is forcibly acclimated to Victorian London.
12/30/16 4:10 AM
Willie Cici
Marcus should not have pissed off that girl . . .
12/16/16 6:36 AM
Es hora de una nueva inspección. ¿Pedimos refuerzos?
11/21/16 9:40 PM
Be careful of who adds you on social media
11/14/16 4:18 AM
A man at the gas station is calling Jeff names, but what if he's right?
11/7/16 7:07 AM
Max Ryon
Scott and Xander have used an experimental device to travel to another dimension, and because of "The Blending Effect," their bodies have adapted by growing muscular. But their new bodies have come with instincts that have landed them in hot water . . .
Category missing
11/2/16 6:08 AM
Max Ryon
Two students explore other worlds thanks to their professor's device. But their travels come with risks. Visiting other dimensions can have a strange effect on one's body . . . and mind.
10/3/16 6:03 AM
Por protocolo, la Agencia Estatal de la Vivienda debe llevar a cabo seguimientos exhaustivos de sus intervenciones.
9/17/16 4:09 PM
Axel R.
Jason wakes up with a headache and many questions that keep adding up as he continues his day.
9/4/16 8:54 PM
Axel R.
As Jason finishes his workout, he confronts the new guy about a small rumor going around the gym. What he doesn't know is that the new guy is going to change his life forever.
8/31/16 1:48 AM
Willie Cici
A new member joins the Tuesday Night Support Group, and narrates a tale of woe . . . .
8/18/16 3:48 PM
[Two separate stories] Ryan hates clubs so maybe it would be better if he works there. Milo hates his slobish neighbor and the universe corrects that! [Commissioned Pieces]
8/3/16 6:48 AM
screamingmoist 7/27/16 11:19 PM
[Two independent episodes] Two bullies learn a valuable lesson with the help of Toby and his device. Drake is currently a master at sex. Parker is a lean, smooth swimmer. I wonder how Toby will punish them.
6/22/16 6:46 AM
Dutchutch 6/16/16 3:27 PM
screamingmoist 6/10/16 7:12 PM
Nexis Pas
Mac has the best vacation of his life
6/10/16 1:22 PM
On a train two guys try to study for their final exams but find themselves taken in by a stranger
6/10/16 3:23 AM
screamingmoist 6/8/16 1:25 AM
screamingmoist 6/7/16 3:41 AM
While in a nightclub, a young man attempts to score with a girl. Unfortunately she is accompanied by her gay friend
6/7/16 12:20 AM
MCBrain 6/4/16 9:45 AM
[Darker Theme] Matt’s new girlfriend doesn’t like him spending so much time with his gay best friend Logan so she figures out a way to get Matt acting more ‘conservatively.’
6/2/16 6:35 PM
Se deben asegurar algunos cambios para conseguir el inmueble perfecto
6/1/16 2:37 PM
Un homófobo de clase alta recibe una inspección sorpresa mientras espera a su hijo para cenar.
5/29/16 9:57 PM
Duncan settles into his new body after the reality changes.
5/1/16 4:57 PM
Be careful when using the latest round of updates.
4/21/16 2:20 PM
Dutchutch 4/8/16 10:23 PM
Dutchutch 4/7/16 6:58 PM