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With the Lord Wayne called to Redhood Hall for business, poor weather had kept him in. Unfortunately, whoever lurks in its halls only needed one night to change the man's life.
7/14/20 9:11 PM
Things move from the office to a more private setting
7/14/20 7:22 AM
Chris wanders off from his tour group to find an intriguing serpent with a strange power
7/13/20 6:57 PM
7/12/20 1:38 PM
2045 words
7/11/20 6:24 PM
6860 words
7/11/20 7:37 AM
1386 words
Joel wants something something intense that would blow his mind away for good.
7/10/20 2:27 PM
2374 words
Trey had a deep-seeded fear. His dorm mate, Jared suggestion yoga and meditation . . .
7/9/20 12:03 PM
A DroneMaster is created.
7/8/20 2:25 PM
7897 words
When Andrew wants a little more from his friendship with his straight roommate, he concocts another plan. Things don't go as expected.
7/7/20 8:15 PM