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4704 words
A journey to the nest where new jockey parasites are born.
8/8/20 4:25 PM
2423 words
Marines repel an Alien Raiding Party bent on taking Prisoners
8/3/20 8:42 PM
Class presentations for comparative religions are routinely boring with only two in this history of Greene University ended in an ‘act of passion’; like in 1975 with a majority Christians in the class picked up small objects thrusting them upon a lone atheist after saying Jesus wasn’t real, and the other will be at the end of Allan Wagner’s class presentation just two weeks away.
8/2/20 5:58 PM
Spiderman inner sexual desires are awaken and heighten by an unusual meeting.
7/29/20 10:16 AM
2439 words
What happens when the briefs parasite reaches the host's brain?
7/21/20 8:07 PM
A quick glimpse of the boss office
7/18/20 4:50 PM
4638 words
Paul might be the last man in his town who hasn't been taken over by the mind-controlling alien jockey briefs. But how long can he last?
7/16/20 10:20 AM
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Why are all these men climbing Sandstone Peak? Even they don't know why . . .
7/6/20 8:11 PM
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An exotic dancer performs for the last time
6/22/20 12:41 PM
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The last time Darin Blake had a chronic headache and no immediate memories were in 1999 when he awoke in a messy Iowa dorm room bed where a larger woman lay naked with an arm around his chest and a snore as loud as a jet directed in his ear. and after today that would be is second-worst memory.
6/19/20 10:01 PM