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2/9/20 8:47 AM
2/6/20 5:27 AM
Mark moves to a new apartment but his new place has plans for him, for his mind and body.
2/4/20 5:28 AM
2/3/20 4:13 PM
2/2/20 6:44 AM
We all have secret wishes and dark desires. Would you be willing to pay to get that dream fulfiled?
2/1/20 5:14 PM
The authorities have been notified.
1/30/20 8:24 AM
They say dicks often have a mind of their own, but Colton's dick takes this to a new level.
1/29/20 8:39 PM
Dave finally enters the transformation process that will convert him into a superhero. Will he succeed?
1/27/20 2:52 PM
Down-on-his-luck businessman Ben lands a gig at Pink Friday's corporate office. At first, the corporate culture is shocking... but he gets used to it
1/26/20 7:24 AM
Dave finds and ad in the newspaper that may change his life forever...
1/25/20 4:17 PM
After a mission goes wrong that was partially John Constantine's fault, John goes to a random dive bar...
1/24/20 9:47 PM
Zeke recounts the first year that he and Hank spend together, and the effect that their relationship has on him.
1/21/20 9:40 AM
Diane thinks her man needs a makeover . . .
1/16/20 12:08 PM
1/11/20 6:35 PM
A special river brings out a neurasthenic's playful side.
1/11/20 12:34 PM
A slave wakes up to the reality of his world
1/9/20 5:48 AM
Colin accepts an invitation to download 'Chronivac life' allowing him to change and play with anyone he feels like messing with
1/1/20 7:35 PM
During the next full moon, Robert deals with the aftermath of converting Chris into a were-redneck.
1/1/20 8:33 AM
12/31/19 9:38 AM
12/29/19 10:17 AM
12/25/19 7:12 PM
Ward experiences a bump on the head ---
12/23/19 7:51 PM
When buying under the counter from a warlock, one should be careful not to end up there oneself.
12/22/19 8:34 AM
There's nothing like California - especially the beaches . . .
12/19/19 5:06 PM
Hanson needs a break from his stressful life, and finds just the place for it.
12/6/19 12:22 AM
The development of men into Daddies and twinks may be more controlled than you might think.
12/1/19 5:31 PM
A soccer player goes to an Adult shop for a gift
11/29/19 6:06 AM
11/26/19 12:13 PM
My life changed after meeting a leather cop
11/26/19 5:30 AM