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Stroppy Author
My stories come to me in a dream
12/18/18 5:26 AM
Do you have a problem accessing the forum?
11/28/17 8:19 PM
A place where readers and authors can communicate with each other
11/20/17 10:59 PM
Let me introduce myself as the new site admin!
11/4/17 10:32 PM
Hugh Michelsen
Administrator changes are afoot at the Gay Spiral Story Collection
10/6/17 3:37 PM
The site's been updated. Feedback is good.
8/27/16 4:26 PM
The site's been updated. Feedback is good.
4/18/16 2:42 PM
Site Admin
Site Feedback Request
2/23/16 1:40 PM
Author of Scum: A Tale of Revenge
A continuation of a discussion started in the comments of a previous missive on the 4/1 prank
4/3/15 11:12 PM
One NCMC author is SUPER confused about recent changes.
4/1/15 1:25 AM
Thoughts on internalizing ideas about being submissive
2/6/15 6:45 PM
Wesley Bracken
An analysis of some of the fundamental similarities and differences between stories in the MC/TF genre
3/31/14 7:04 PM
Mark Griffiths
A brief examination of the relationship between hypnosis and sexual behaviour, and more specifically hypnophilia and hypnofetishism.
3/27/14 7:12 PM
Conversion and control of hot studs
9/15/06 8:00 PM
Albatross and NCMC readers
Cut n' paste a line or paragraph from your favourite NCMC story!!!
12/8/05 7:00 PM