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Muscle model Martin has recently moved into Adonis Village. After an intense workout he goes back to is apartment with a sore body, However Mr Jones offers Martin a relaxing massage...
6/30/20 3:09 PM
With some help, Jeffrey makes a narrow escape from Carl, and survives to end of the round.
6/29/20 4:54 PM
1705 words
Aspiring muscle model Martin can't believe his luck when he finds himself living at Adonis Village. With cheap rent, all the mod cons and good location it seems too good to be true....
6/28/20 8:38 PM
25 year old Simeon has just finished work out in the gym. Little does this straight masculine bodybuilder know that he has already fallen prey to an older gay man and Simeon will soon submit his muscle body to the gentlemen's lustful desires
6/27/20 8:39 PM
Jeff gets to know some fellow hunters.
6/21/20 6:08 AM
3397 words
Braden is having troubles that he never thought he would experience at age 31. Did his friend Wayne have the answer? . . .
6/15/20 9:54 PM
2201 words
6/13/20 2:39 PM
2889 words
Thomas, a happily married Gay Professor at his university and is filling in for one of his colleagues when he bites into an apple on the desk (gifted by one of her troubled students) and goes through some changes.
6/12/20 7:58 PM
3118 words
The Arch Demon Malgreth grows tired of the repetitive use of his aging sluts and craves creation of a new kind of slave. He plans to kidnap and convert two straight alpha jocks into his perfect little sluts. Filth, cum, and stench run amok as the two best friends are pulled deep into the seat of hellish pleasure.
6/11/20 11:00 AM
2257 words
Brett never expected to find a burglar in his salon. "Your money or your life" . . . which one did the burglar want?
6/7/20 8:03 PM