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BPtime 4/6/20 7:27 PM
An unsuspecting archeologist discovers there is more to an island than what's buried underneath
4/5/20 6:45 PM
Vince takes the cheap route on a medical treatment for his sexual health. Will things go as planned? Of course not.
4/4/20 10:03 PM
Cock teasing continues as things get a little physical... Daniels also approaches me with sleeping problems.
4/3/20 4:17 PM
The race to sexually frustrate my straight roommate continues with explosive events.
4/1/20 6:04 PM
For the longest time, I’ve have been drooling after my rugby-playing roommate, Daniels. When the mandatory quarantine was announced, I knew it was the perfect time to act up on my long planned scheme to get him so sexually frustrated that I’d get him to fuck me. Hopefully he doesn’t found out...
3/31/20 9:07 AM
A college athlete makes sure that his new friend puts in the hard work.
3/29/20 9:02 PM
Willie Cici
A series of short stories about men stuck on the road and what happens to them …
3/29/20 10:39 AM
Craig is forced to undergo a transformation to become a vessel slave
3/29/20 8:16 AM
A cop has been unconsciously helping an imprisoned drug lord manage his drug trade while in prison.
3/28/20 5:49 PM
Welcome to the cowboi cafe. Tonight, y'all get to have a short tour of everything that happens behind the secret door very few get to peek behind
3/23/20 9:02 AM
Kevin gets the man of his dreams
3/22/20 9:38 AM
Willie Cici
Eric's uncle invited him and his lover over for an afternoon pool party . . .
3/21/20 10:21 PM
Morgan's getting quite big--and Robbie plans to show it off.
3/20/20 8:09 PM
Robbie wants to see his boyfriend grow--with the help of some new 'vitamins'.
3/20/20 5:53 AM
Willie Cici
A series of short stories about men stuck on the road and what happens to them . . .
3/18/20 3:49 PM
The Dirty Spiders
A online stranger interferes in the life of a man in a downward spiral.
3/17/20 2:48 PM
Willie Cici
Gunner needs a night out. His friend, Jesse, knows just where to go . . .
3/11/20 4:54 PM
Willie Cici
A series of short stories about men stuck on the road and what happens to them . . .
3/11/20 3:47 PM
Ad goes to the beach, and picks a napping guy to have fun with.
3/9/20 8:27 AM
Willie Cici
A series of short stories about men stuck on the road and what happens to them . . .
3/6/20 10:59 AM
A college wrestler makes sure his teammate gets in shape for the proper weight class.
3/2/20 5:46 AM
Willie Cici
A blog journalist travels to South America for Carnival . . .
3/2/20 5:43 AM
Jeffrey is hunted. Biff is angry. Carl is terrifying. Mitch has a plan. The stakes are even higher in this round…
2/11/20 1:07 PM
A Voyeur Fan
The high stakes competition to pledge Kappa Omega Kappa moves into its second round. This time, even fewer pledges will survive the game without getting fucked. Choose Your Own Adventure Community Series
2/6/20 7:54 PM
Jeff hides out in a club for a while. A showdown. What will the next round bring?
2/3/20 4:12 PM
Willie Cici
Troy and Greg run a webcam and lure locals into their house with free weed . . .
2/1/20 9:26 PM
The game continues in West Ferndale Heights. A hit! Samir enlists Jeffrey’s help. A frat bro has a good time.
1/31/20 3:12 PM
A Voyeur Fan
Jeffrey escapes detection, minus his clothing. The frat has his number, but Samir has a plan to help.
1/30/20 8:23 AM
A Voyeur Fan
A fraternity stages a fierce competition among young men who want to join. The penalty for losing is very stiff indeed. Choose Your Own Adventure Community Series
1/29/20 9:05 AM