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Can Tyrone's wrestling buddy, the team doctor, and the coach undo the spell placed on him by his girlfriend?
7/2/20 5:55 AM
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When they try on their new "Blue Strong" bracelets, the officers on the Pineview police force join a whole new brotherhood...
6/30/20 10:31 AM
Sid begins to take advantage of Reggies powers, but also starts to discover his friend’s limitations
6/30/20 10:30 AM
6/30/20 5:24 AM
6/29/20 5:21 AM
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Tony doesn't like how his friend Matt keeps hanging out with a guy and follows him out into the forest.
6/29/20 5:20 AM
The mesmerizing poet's neighborhood harem bonds and expands....
6/28/20 6:38 AM
Sid is still resistant to Reggie’s offer, but a short bus ride home convinces him to reconsider.
6/27/20 9:39 AM
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Colton is a player, one day in a coffee shop a man spouts odd words at him. From that moment on he feels an undeniable desire for something he never before considered - dick
6/27/20 9:38 AM
2211 words
Randy's empathy for a young lady leads him to a new role -- minister of punishment.
6/26/20 4:55 PM