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Mind control bracelet fun
7/18/19 5:49 PM
A young man embarks on a quest to slay some beast, but once found he finds it impossible to resist.
7/16/19 5:05 PM
The Dirty Spiders
A young gay dude freaks out when he start hallucinating in a gay bar, but the subject of his visions seems to know the cure.
7/16/19 4:36 AM
The Dirty Spiders
A young man travels up for a pride festival and end up meeting some gay role models
7/15/19 4:55 AM
The Dirty Spiders
A very drunk young man has a magic emergency in a toilet cubicle.
7/15/19 4:53 AM
sb jb mc 7/13/19 6:02 AM
The Dirty Spiders
Gay friends hatch a plan to use magic tags on two old-bears and wear them for a night out.
7/12/19 5:33 PM
The Dirty Spiders
A masseur loses his sense of professionalism with a client with a strange, magical condition.
7/12/19 11:35 AM
What's this hot new game everyone's talking about?
7/11/19 6:27 PM
Pup Don
Ben's life starts changing after his encounter with a stranger in an alley.
7/8/19 4:43 AM
Christian undergoes further changes
7/7/19 8:38 PM
Willie Cici 7/6/19 7:00 PM
Ramses and his new boyfriend want to spend the day relaxing with each other, but their plans are interrupted as Matt falls out with a friend, and Ramses gets followed by a mysterious stranger.
7/6/19 2:10 PM
Landon gets Scott to go out for some fun but first some revenge.
7/6/19 7:55 AM
Nick returns Scott's Camera
7/6/19 7:55 AM
Scott and Landon meet one another and Landon shows Scott what he can do.
7/6/19 7:54 AM
Coming to terms with my new abilities and figuring out what to do with a nearly naked stud.
7/4/19 1:30 PM
Lance enjoys his second wish but a third desire looms
7/4/19 4:29 AM
sb jb mc 7/3/19 11:36 AM
A collection of old shorts from mt tumblr before the ban
7/1/19 4:39 AM
An arrogant pricks wants to visit the newest gay attraction in town. It really is a hell of a place
6/30/19 10:52 PM
Willie Cici
Aphrodite dispatches Eros to Cyprus to oversee the Ancient Festival . . .
6/29/19 6:30 PM
Ethan White
Blake is scared that someone will try to change him, just like his friends have been changed. Little does he know that the threat is closer to home than he could have ever imagined.
6/27/19 10:12 PM
Stroppy Author
Someones mind control powers work too well
6/25/19 2:58 PM
Christian's transformation begins
6/23/19 9:38 PM
Ethan White
Corey learns of a more sinister facet of his powers and finds out that he's less of a goodie-two-shoes than he realizes.
6/23/19 9:37 PM
We get a visit from Rome and Craig is finally released. Scribe takes a trip.
6/22/19 11:44 PM
RotherhamMan 6/22/19 5:07 AM
You know that what you're reading can't have happened, except that it did, and it's the strangest thing.
6/20/19 9:45 PM
RotherhamMan 6/17/19 1:11 PM