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[Rewritten Version Of The Story "Master's New Pet"] A new year rolls around at Charter's College in California, and life couldn't be more boring for a Junior like Adrien. That is until a new, powerful student threatens to upset his routine, and take control of every part of his life. Including his mind.
4/4/20 9:23 AM
Ethan White
Jax tries to pull off the prank of the century on his childhood friend Spencer. Little does he know that an even greater prankster has him in his sights.
4/3/20 4:21 PM
Jake t Rinple
At first, Cliff just wanted to make some money to live with his gal in this cruel cold city. That was, before this porn filming thing went out of control.
4/3/20 1:30 PM
. My first attempt at a Mind Control story. Irene catches her husband cheating and finds out he's knocked up three different women. As a priestess to Maizan (Author Note: Made up for story) bi-gendered deity of Lust, Karmic Balance, domestic justice, and Sexuality, she calls up on him/her to bring some discipline and domestic justice to Mateo.
4/3/20 6:47 AM
Pine has to wake up after his overload at the last challenge.
4/3/20 5:24 AM
Oyama leaves Shirakawa to seek help, but the spirit shows that escape isn't an option.
3/29/20 8:23 PM
The Dirty Spiders
A heartbroken man vows to give up the magic powers he's been cursed with.
3/29/20 7:31 PM
Pine has to face his last pledge challenge. Time to pop some balloons!
3/29/20 10:36 AM
The Dirty Spiders
A trucker eating lunch suddenly has a terrified thought enter his mind
3/27/20 11:02 PM
BobbyBlobfish 3/26/20 7:36 AM
RotherhamMan 3/25/20 6:33 PM
The Dirty Spiders
A tall, fat, nervous man travels to a Bear Festival in Germany... with a Magic Tag.
3/25/20 1:28 PM
Willie Cici
Having earned his journeyman status, a sorcerer fights his boredom by traveling about . . .
3/24/20 7:46 PM
Tom Gungy
Drake has lived in rural town of Dewdrop all his life but finds himself falling in love with a stranger that has no knowledge of the small town's oddities.
3/24/20 5:34 PM
Pine meets his new rival, who is decided to win the rest of the pledge challenges against the jock master.
3/21/20 5:44 PM
Tom Gungy
The receptionist at the Transformation Foundation introduces a drunk to a possessed smoking pipe.
3/17/20 7:25 PM
Oyama tentatively returns, and the kitsune comes back to play.
3/17/20 8:25 AM
First pledge challenge already?! Pine teams up with another pledge, and explores a bit more his dominant side.
3/14/20 8:12 AM
When a superhero falls. There's always a villain to catch and transform him.
3/13/20 8:41 PM
Derek Williams
A bartender makes Sam and Tony’s lives better.
3/9/20 12:59 PM
Max interviews a new assistant and Scribe gets a visit from Sophia.
3/9/20 8:29 AM
Enchantedtalisman 3/7/20 8:26 AM
After his last success, Pine wants a new objective, and Mike has a great idea.
3/6/20 9:16 PM
Baron Galloway
A quick story for a growing buddy of mine.
3/4/20 5:49 AM
Bartender Tuck wakes up handcuffed to a chair in a motorhome with no memories of how he got there. What will happen to him when the owner gets back?
3/1/20 10:47 AM
Willie Cici
What type of person is born on February 29, in ‘Leap Year’?
2/27/20 9:43 PM
Daddy Aragon
Kenshi makes the mistake of thinking that he will not be affected by his own magical creation, but that's not a bad thing.
2/27/20 10:59 AM
TheGrower 2/25/20 3:16 PM
RotherhamMan 2/24/20 10:52 PM
RotherhamMan 2/24/20 7:35 PM