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Wesley Bracken
Kyle is given a new task, after besting Richard, to prove he's the right choice for the VP position.
10/15/19 6:07 PM
Math_Reez 💙
Nick is living in a hell. With his bully always around, he try to escape, that's how he get into Eris Store.
10/15/19 4:02 PM
When a stranger moves into town it begins to change the life of Sergeant Hall and everyone around him.
10/14/19 9:12 PM
An unlikely story of phantasmic horror and eroticism, perfect for Halloween. :)
10/14/19 9:12 PM
will decide a third possibility to his situation
10/14/19 6:10 AM
Pine finally discovers why the jocks where bullying him so often, and takes care of the problem.
10/14/19 6:10 AM
Sam decide that rather than enjoying the unknow hunk, his brother is deserving of a visit...
10/13/19 9:18 PM
Math_Reez 💙
With his new knowledge about the power of the pendant, Sam will enjoy the opportunity of having some fun with Ty.
10/13/19 6:56 PM
Gengar is sick of snorlax
10/13/19 8:23 AM
Pine finally agrees to hang out with Mike. Will he take revenge on him too?
10/13/19 7:05 AM
Math_Reez 💙
Sam decide to stay for the test, but someone in his path could make him change his mind.
10/11/19 1:43 PM
A man searches for the man of his dreams with certain complications
10/11/19 4:56 AM
Math_Reez 💙
Will's decides what to do with all the power in his hands. Will be the right choice?
10/10/19 11:20 AM
All about the eyes
Will reviews the footage from his spy cam, but it doesn't quite break the spell.
10/10/19 11:19 AM
Wesley Bracken
Two men find themselves competing for a new VP slot under their company's eccentric new CEO.
10/9/19 9:15 PM
Drake Nightstorm
A waiter encounters two patrons that are the worse. Homophobic and downright rude to him all because he is gay. This isn't the first time that this kind of person has come into the restaurant, but it will be the last time these two come it as they are.
10/9/19 2:06 PM
Arachnus The Spider
Eren, Serpent God initiate, goes on a holy mission for his deity
10/8/19 5:50 AM
Sebastian's powers begin to emerge on a weekend at a haunted lakeside summerhouse.
10/7/19 4:46 AM
Pine, finally safe without the jocks hunting him down, continues with his plan enslaving another one of the football team's jocks!
10/7/19 4:45 AM
Willie Cici
Tommy wanted that muscled body and was willing to do anything to get it . . .
10/5/19 8:40 PM
An obnoxious radio host has his way with a couple of jocks, through his magic microphone.
10/5/19 11:21 AM
Sebastian learns to use his powers while at a strict Christian boarding school.
10/5/19 7:43 AM
Sebastian learns to use his powers while at a strict Christian boarding school.
10/5/19 7:43 AM
Pine decides to play more with his powers, and ends up going to Garrett's house.
10/3/19 9:20 PM
Jacob is a huge fan of the famous magician Wondrous Will. One day he is invited backstage and is let in on the show’s biggest secret.
9/30/19 12:49 PM
You Wish!
The genie has disappeared and left Bill behind with no clue as to what his final wish was...
9/30/19 4:19 AM
Drake Nightstorm
Daniel and Jason have been dating for over five years now. Both of them have low wage jobs that aren't going to take them far. Daniel really wants to ask Jason to marry him. There was just one problem, Daniel's parents are rednecks.
9/29/19 5:00 PM
The Dirty Spiders
Guy discovering his own sexuality, transforms friend and friend's dad
9/29/19 3:17 PM
Ethan White
The thought of losing his Master makes Corey snap, and a new villain is born.
9/28/19 6:26 AM
Mr. Knight
Just a normal Monday in the subway restroom.
9/25/19 7:54 PM