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It’s the end of the beginning. Time to introduce the protagonists and make an escape.
5/18/19 6:40 AM
Dustin finds a way into the school and meets new people. Rich embraces the virus and is rewarded for it.
5/17/19 5:58 AM
Hypnopupos 5/16/19 9:54 AM
Rich discovers something awful
5/15/19 2:33 PM
Hypnopupos 5/15/19 2:30 PM
M. Greene 11/29/18 6:49 PM
A short addition to the series. Introduction to the villain. [Pictures now working]
4/20/17 5:38 PM
Eric's mind is taken over by the popular yet mysterious earpieces. (Inspired by Dr. Who).
3/25/17 6:16 PM
MSterling 3/19/13 8:00 PM
Dan recruits muscle zombie Bill to help him jock out his geekish roommate.
3/16/11 8:00 PM
Doc Hypnos
Hospitalized executive experiments with ego driven doctors!
3/28/06 7:00 PM